Student Handbook

School of Arts & Sciences Student Handbook 2019-2020

Living in Community at Crown College

Welcome to the Crown College Student Handbook.

This handbook seeks to capture the ideals and practices necessary for a healthy Christian learning community.   It is the mission of Student Development to encourage each student toward Christ-likeness by fostering authentic community through co-curricular educational experiences and student services.  We believe students are integral to fulfilling this mission at the college.

Crown College is committed to providing students with a holistic transformative experience.  This pursuit requires a safe environment where students are free to intellectually explore the difficult questions of life, to live without physical threat or concern, and to exercise faith in freedom.  This happens best when each student, faculty, and staff member engages the life of one another in humble respect and kindness.  A hospitable community provides the opportunity for everyone to feel welcomed and valued as a meaningful contributor to the community, thus creating a climate for spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical formation.

It is to that end that we have established the Student Handbook.  By virtue of enrolling at Crown, each student accepts responsibility for the expectations outlined in the handbook.  As a voluntary member of the Crown community it is anticipated that students will actively engage and challenge one another to live out their highest calling in God and pursue a life of integrity as represented in the policies and guidelines of this handbook.

Should you have questions about the expectations in the Student Handbook, I urge you to talk with one of the Student Development staff members.

May the Crown community be enriched as we pursue God together through the guidelines and policies of this Student Handbook.

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