Contact Crown College

Here are the numbers of our various departments. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.


*Hours of specific departments may vary.


Crown College 8700 College View Drive
Saint Bonifacius, Minnesota 55375

952-446-4100 | 1-800-68-CROWN



ACADEMIC AFFAIRS: 952-446-4202



Alumni Relations: 952-446-4247International Service Learning: 952-446-4486
Athletics: 952-446-4179International Workers-In-Residence: 952-446-4229
Campus Chaplain: 952-446-4227Library: 952-446-4241
Campus Store: 952-446-4181Mail Center: 952-446-4180
Career Services: 952-446-4352Marketing: 952-446-4130
Christian Services: 952-446-4165Online & Graduate School Academics: 952-446-4334
Cornerstone: 952-446-4350Operations: 952-446-4132
Counseling Services: 952-446-4557Parents Community: 952-446-4112
Dining Services (Sodexo): 952-446-4191President: 952-446-4112
Event Services: 952-446-4135PR & College Relations: 952-446-4130
External Relations: 952-446-4350Receptionist: 952-446-4100
Facility Services: 952-446-4183Registrar: 952-446-4450
Finance: 952-446-4126Student Billing: 952-446-4126
Financial Aid: 952-446-4177Student Development: 952-446-4162
Health Services: 952-446-4168Study Labs: 952-446-4216
Human Resources: 952-446-4122Welcome Desk: 952-446-4100
Information Technology: 952-446-4357



On-campus: 952-446-4142

Online + Graduate Schools: 952-446-4300