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Why Crown College Omaha?

If you’re ready for a journey of academic excellence with an opportunity to earn your degree through both on-site and online classes, Crown College Omaha is here for you. Recognized as a top private Christian college, our goal is to equip current and future leaders to effectively serve and influence the world.

In addition to our main campus in Minnesota, Crown College also offers our programs in a hybrid format in Omaha, Nebraska. The hybrid format allows students to combine online courses with courses at Christ Community Church one night per week. Onsite classes meet at The Porch on the Christ Community Church campus, located in the Old Mill off of 108th and Dodge Streets. Crown College is excited to share our vision of preparing Christians for leadership and excellence with residents in the Omaha region!




Graduate Programs

How do you reach a person holistically? Christian counseling offers spiritual and emotional healing through the work of Jesus in a person’s life. Whether you are looking to join a Christian practice, or want to bring your faith into a secular practice, the Master’s in Counseling provides the necessary courses that will help you succeed in helping others.

Explore the beauty of the human mind from the perspective of a Christian worldview. Develop practices that help others to understand the spiritual side of existence. Help those to connect with the Transcendence and become a more whole human. All while learning under excellent professors who share the faith and want to help you grow spiritually.

This degree satisfies the academic requirements for licensure as a professional counselor in the state of Minnesota, as well as many other states. This degree is offered primarily online, with a four-day residency at Crown College’s beautiful campus in May each year. The integration of a Christian worldview into the profession of counseling is emphasized in every part of the program.

What Will I Study?

  • Theories and Practices of Counseling
  • Orientation to Counseling & Integration of Christian Worldview
  • Theories of Personality
  • Human Growth and Lifespan Development
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling
  • Counseling Skills, Methods and Techniques Residency
  • Assessment, Testing, and Measurement in Counseling
  • Addictions and Substance Abuse
  • Counseling Research and Evaluation
  • Multicultural Counseling
  • Group Process and Treatment
  • Career Counseling and Lifestyle Development
  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Psychopathology Residency
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  • Counseling Internships

Whether your goal is pastoral ministry, foreign missionary service, theological education, or service within other faith-based organizations, Crown’s online Masters in Christian Studies degree is designed to equip you with the theological understanding and practical skills that will help you in ministry. In many ways, this degree functions like a mini-Master of Divinity degree.

A distinctive feature of this program is that our graduates are prepared for licensing and ordination/consecration with the Christian and Ministry Alliance. In addition, all of the courses in this program regardless of one’s emphasis track apply toward Crown’s Master of Divinity degree, so students can elect to graduate with their M.A. and continue on for the M.Div.

Faculty with the highest academic degrees, and significant ministry and mission experience, lead the online courses. Students investigate, analyze, and demonstrate an understanding of cultural influences in postmodern America and in diverse environments around the globe. The coursework also includes collaborative activities that mirror real-life situations. By constructing knowledge with peers within Crown’s digital environment, students acquire life skills in collaborating which are critical to professional success.

What Will I Study?

  • The Book of Luke
  • Alliance Distinctives
  • Church History
  • Theology from Multiple Perspectives
  • Theological Research
  • Spiritual Formation

Mention ministry leadership and, usually, seminary comes to mind. Crown provides an excellent and practical alternative to the seminary experience: The online Christian Masters in Ministry Leadership. An advanced degree with an emphasis on practical leadership, the program prepares men and women for leadership positions in churches, missions, and other faith-based organizations. Our graduates also actively study and engage in a changing culture from a Christian perspective.

The online Master’s in Ministry Leadership empowers leaders with skills in researching one’s ministry context so that effective strategies can be developed and implemented. This preparation includes coursework related to key leadership competencies in the areas of spiritual formation, social and cultural analysis, theories of leadership, and the theology of work and leadership.
Anyone actively involved in leadership and ministry is a life-long learner. So our M.A. in Ministry Leadership includes research components that engage students in analyzing the ministry context in which they are working, and in enhancing their relevance in addressing the needs of the people they are leading. In this way, the program equips graduates to innovate and move their faith-based organizations into the future.

What will I study?

  • Theology of Leadership
  • Hermeneutics
  • Theological research
  • Organizational communication
  • Strategic planning
  • Spiritual formation
  • Facilitating spiritual formation
  • Social + Cultural foundations
  • Leadership + culture

Undergraduate Programs

Psychology is a field of great value to those working in nearly any profession, but especially in the areas of management, counseling, and ministry. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, students are equipped with knowledge and techniques that are easily applicable to nearly any role working with people. Because of the interpersonal skills students acquire, they are prepared for continued studies at the graduate level or for employment in a number of professions.

Graduates of Crown’s online Christian Counseling degree program are prepared to work in any field that requires an understanding of human thought and behavior from business to ministry to social work. The program also prepares graduates for the rigors of a master’s program, whether a Master of Arts in Counseling (M.A.) or Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

Students may add a minor in Drug and Alcohol Counseling to the Psychology Counseling degree.

What Will I Study?

  • Statistical Concepts
  • General Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Social Science Research Methods
  • Diversity Issues in Counseling
  • Personality Theories
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Methods of Counseling
  • Social Psychology
  • Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Group Dynamics
  • Crisis Intervention

Designed for students with a high school diploma, GED, and little or no college experience, this degree program cultivates personal and professional spiritual formation. Students will build skills in Bible study and interpretation, theological thinking, and help others in their spiritual formation and discipleship.

Graduates of this program enter professional careers as associates in churches, youth and para-church ministries, and other faith-based education and nonprofit organizations. As a graduate of the A.S. program, you may be eligible to transfer all of your credits into our online Bachelor of Christian Ministry degree program.

What Will I Study?

  • Interpreting the Bible
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Disciple-Centered Leadership
  • Introducing World Missions
  • General, Bible, and Christian Ministry Electives

This program is designed to build up your understanding of theological themes while providing ample opportunities to grow in your faith. Students can easily add a second major to programs such as Christian Ministry, Business, or Psychology/Counseling in order to gain a broad education. Students in this program will be prepared for effective teaching and disciple-making ministries in churches, parachurch ministries, and other faith-based organizations. Graduates will be ready to meet the licensing requirements for ministry in the Christian and Missionary Alliance, or for postgraduate study in Bible, theology, or practical ministry and may elect to pursue one of Crown’s graduate degrees including the Master of Divinity.

What Will I Study?

  • Interpreting the Gospels
  • Christ and the Gospels
  • Interpreting the Bible
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Contextual & Missional Engagement
  • Concepts of Global and Ethical Leadership
  • Theology of Evangelism and Missions

This Certificate Series includes 10 professional development courses in 7-week modules.

  • Fully online: Learn right where you are
  • Affordably priced: Complete all 10 courses for $4,700
  • Get credit: Apply up to 30 certificate credits toward an undergraduate Crown College degree

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Biblically-based learning & development to sharpen your ministry. Get the education you need to become accredited with The Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Quick Facts

Research today is clear: adults going back to school need the flexibility to incorporate their studies into schedules filled with work commitments, family activities, and ministry involvements. That’s why we’ve developed the Crown College Omaha program with you in mind!


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Common Questions

Crown is fully accredited by the High Learning Commission (HLC) and the Collegiate Commission on Nursing Education (CCNE). For more information on our accreditations, recognitions, and memberships:

Yes! Crown College has a rich history with the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA). Our mission is to provide a biblically-based education for Christian leadership in the Christian & Missionary Alliance, the church-at-large, and the world. To learn more about our heritage and what we believe:

Crown College has nearly 1,300 students from 20 countries! Approximately half of our student body is enrolled in an on-campus degree program in Minnesota, while the other half study online or on-location through a program such as Crown College Omaha.

Undergraduate college credits obtained from a regionally or nationally accredited institution can potentially transfer if a “C” or higher was earned. Graduate credits from a regionally accredited college can potentially transfer with a grade of “B” or higher if taken within the last 10 years. Students must take at least 24-30 credits at Crown to obtain a degree from the institution. Our enrollment staff would be glad to look at your transcripts and give you a tentative evaluation and timeframe to complete your degree.

The average class size ranges from 8-12 students on-site in Omaha and is typically around 12 students in an online course. Our class sizes remain small to encourage plenty of one-on-one growth and interaction with course professors.

The general guide for every enrolled credit hour is 1-2 hours of homework. A survey was conducted of our 600 adult students and the average time spent studying is 8 hours per week.