School of Arts & Sciences Handbook 2023-2024

Complete information regarding policies, resources, requirements, etc. for undergraduate student academics may be found in the Crown College Catalog for the current academic year.

Academic Calendar

The life of the campus is based on the Academic Calendar. The calendar lists the start and end of each semester and summer term as well as non-class breaks and holidays, including dates the campus is closed. View the Academic Calendar.


Each student enrolling at Crown is assigned an academic advisor who assists the student in course selection and is available when the student needs advice. Although the student is ultimately responsible to ensure that graduation requirements are met, the advisor provides assistance in planning the program and selection of courses best suited to the student’s interests and requirements.

Class Attendance

The College takes class attendance seriously and expects students to be present. Class attendance is necessary for the educational process to be fully effective because significant materials, insights, perspectives, and opinions will be gained from class sessions. Moreover, students are expected to contribute to class discussion and content.
  • Instructors establish attendance requirements for their courses.
  • Excused Absences: When permitted by the instructor and stated in the syllabus, students may request that an absence be excused.
  • The instructor will make the decision as to whether the student’s absence is excused.
  • Appeals for Excessive Class Absences: When a student has exceeded the maximum absences permitted in a given course because of extended serious illness or emergency, he/she may appeal for special consideration. An academic petition form, available in the Registrar’s Office, must be approved no later than the last day of classes before the final examination period of the semester concerned.
  • Class attendance records will begin with the first day of classes in any given grading period. Absences due to late registration are included in the maximum absence record.
  • A schedule conflict between two courses is not normally permitted. However, it may be allowed if each course carries a minimum of three credit hours and the conflict involves no more than one class hour (50 minutes) per week. Permission must be obtained from the instructors. When a conflict is permitted, the student must alternate between the two classes on the conflict day. Students permitted such a schedule conflict are to have no unexcused absences in either course.
  • In the event of an unannounced absence of the instructor, students are not required to wait longer than 10 minutes after the scheduled beginning time of class unless word has been sent that the instructor will arrive late.

Collaboration Center

The Collaboration Center is located on the third floor of the Main building. Within the Collaboration Center, you will find the Academic Center, designed to support all students, and the Testing Center, which provides space for students to take exams in a quiet, undistracted location. Collectively these resources are designed to enhance students’ academic support. Inside the doors of the Collaboration Center, you will find a comfortable place for all students to study, collaborate, and innovate. The Collaboration Center features large TV monitors for practicing presentations, comfortable bean bag seating, whiteboards, and ample desk space to study. Additionally, the Academic Center provides a supportive space for all students to elevate their academic success. The Academic Center provides free support to all students in the following areas: academic support, tutoring, organization, study skills, time management, and test-taking strategies. The Academic Center is fully equipped with tutors Monday-Friday. The Testing Center is a great space to complete makeup exams with faculty approval. Students should communicate early and often with their faculty if they are going to miss an exam for any reason. It remains the student’s responsibility to follow the makeup examination process found in the Canvas Academic Center course and policies outlined by individual faculty members.

Withdrawal Procedure

View the complete policies regarding Academics in the Crown College Catalog. Residential students must contact the Student Development office or their Resident Director to arrange an appointment to check out of their room. Further procedures are located in Section W under “Undergraduate Residential Housing.”

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