Student Engagement

School of Arts & Sciences Handbook 2023-2024

Event Planning and Use of Campus

Any student, faculty or staff requesting to hold an event or requiring the use of any room on campus needs to enter their request in the Campus Events Calendar. This calendar tracks the use of all space on campus, as well as technical equipment, tables and chairs, IT services, classrooms, vehicles, event decorations, etc. All events need to be entered into the calendar by the person requesting the reservation or by the designated Campus Events Calendar user before the event can be held or requests honored.

A. Scheduling and Promoting Student Events 

1. Email Announcements

Twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays), Marketing generates an email to all faculty, staff and undergraduate students with announcements and upcoming activities. These emails are the official announcement publication of the College and include important information for the College community. Students, faculty and staff are responsible for knowing its contents.

To have an activity or notice listed in the bi-weekly email, the Advisor, Professor or Supervisor overseeing the event must submit information to Campus Announcements via the link located on All submissions must be Crown-sponsored events or information.

2. Community Bulletin Board 

A Community Bulletin Board is located across from the student mailboxes on the first level of the Main building. This bulletin board is for students to use for personal notices and off-campus events. No approval is required to post on this board.

3. Crown Connect App

Crown College has a campus app called Crown Connect. The purpose of this digital community is to be a space that is emotionally, spiritually, and physically safe for Crown College students to interact in. The goal is to highlight and celebrate current students, events, campus initiatives, and other information that will encourage and promote community at Crown College. This app brings services to students and enables them to connect with classmates and friends. The app can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Play Stores Stores or access it here on your desktop computer. App features include:

  • Welcome Week Schedule/Check-In
  • Chapel Check-in
  • Campus Services
  • Campus Events
  • Campus Feed
  • Private Messaging
  • Announcements
  • Security phone numbers
  • Centralized access for students
4. Calendar

Campus-wide events may be found on the Crown Connect App. Contact the Student Development office for any questions regarding posting your event.  

The Academic calendar may be found here.  

5. Off-Campus Promotion, Publicity, and Announcements

All articles and/or materials relating to Crown events for release to off-campus media must be submitted in advance to the Marketing Office and must adhere to all brand standards. Brand guidelines and assets can be found at All materials can also be submitted either at Marketing or in-person at the Marketing Office. 

6. Fundraising 

Student fundraising activities are for Crown-sponsored activities, clubs, athletic teams, or mission teams only unless prior approval has been given in writing by the office of Student Development. Fundraising activities where off campus individuals, businesses, or organizations are contacted require the authorization of the Supervisor or Advisor of the student group requesting to fundraise. No organization shall conduct more than one fundraising project or event per semester.

7. Posters

All posters must be approved and stamped by Student Development prior to posting. Approved posters publicize Crown-sponsored events only. Posters should only be placed in approved locations (not on doors, windows, restrooms, fire doors, near emergency equipment, or the elevators). Unauthorized materials will be removed. The day after the event, all posters must be removed. More information concerning how many and where posters may be placed is available from the Student Development office (E201 or N224).

Announcements involving items for sale, job opportunities, lost and found, or personal invitations should utilize the Community Bulletin Board located across from the student mailboxes.


Global and Diverse Engagement

A. Destination: Serve Trips

Destination Serve Trips (DS trips) offer opportunities for students to go and learn through serving domestically and internationally in a cross-cultural setting. The trips are one to three weeks and are led by student leaders and accompanied by a faculty or staff member for advice and support. Spring Break, as well as summer opportunities, are offered. Historically, more than 50% of our graduates will participate in at least one DS trip during their time at Crown.


The Campus Mobilization Team is a student leadership organization tasked with promoting global awareness and local outreach. Through various chapels, events, and projects, CMT exists to help educate, inspire, and invite the student body to action at home and around the world. The Global Impact Fest (GIF) is a significant campus event that seeks to actively involve students in the global work of God.

C. IWiRS (International Workers in Residence)

Each year Crown hosts an International Worker, a family who serves with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. IWiR’s live on campus and assist in teaching the Biblical Evangelism and Missions class (and participate, as able, in other missions-related courses), contribute to the ministry of CMT, Mu Kappa, and other relational as well as mentoring opportunities with students.


Office of Diversity and Belonging

The office of Diversity and Belonging provides general oversight for intercultural learning and experiences on campus, including intercultural programs and care for under-represented students, local community service opportunities, and other international and under-represented student services.  

A. International Student Advising

International student advising is an essential part of a strong transition to the college for international students. The Primary Designated School Official (PDSO) for Crown College is responsible for preparing required travel documents. The PDSO processes travel letters and signatures, assists with cultural adjustment and other concerns.

B. Mu Kappa

Mu Kappa exists to encourage and support missionary kids (MKs), third culture kids (TCKs), and international students. Student leaders plan events to promote community and cultural exchange.  

C. Black Student Union (BSU) 

Black Student Union (BSU) exists as a safe space to support students in the celebration of Black culture, the growth of cultural awareness, and to discuss related topics. Activities, events, and gatherings are planned by student leaders. 

D. Multicultural Student Union (MSU) 

Multicultural Student Union (MSU) is a student-led group that aims to celebrate all of Crown’s cultural groups in unity. Activities, events, and gatherings are planned by student leaders. 

E. Hmong Student Fellowship (HSF) 

The Hmong Student Fellowship (HSF) focuses on deepening the Hmong community at Crown. HSF meets weekly and hosts several annual events to promote community, camaraderie, and fellowship among the Hmong students at Crown and the greater Hmong community.  

F. Multi-Ethnic Diversity

Crown College helps students cultivate an appreciation for cultural differences, with a greater sensitivity to diverse ethnic and cultural groups. We desire to address issues of concern to Crown’s diverse population, seek to empower students, and help facilitate multicultural education and appreciation of the diversity in our Crown community. 

Sports and Recreation

The athletic facilities on campus offer students the opportunity to enjoy a variety of competitive and non-competitive indoor and outdoor activities, including Varsity Athletics, and Intramurals. The athletic facilities include the Athletic Center Gymnasium (two full basketball/volleyball courts), Old National Bank Stadium (turf soccer/football field), walking track, two softball fields, cross country course, disc golf course, Weight Room, and Fitness Center. Individuals and groups are encouraged to take advantage of these spaces and equipment for scheduled (Intramural) and non-scheduled (Open Gym) events. The hours of operation are posted and are to be observed. To avoid scheduling conflicts, athletic facilities – including the gym, stadium, weight room, outdoor fields and trails - must be reserved through the Athletic Office using Astra Schedule (the on-campus event planning software). 

A. Varsity Sports Teams

Crown offers many opportunities for students to be involved in sports: 

  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Men’s and Women’s Basketball
  • Men’s and Women’s Cross Country
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Men’s and Women’s Golf
  • Men’s and Women’s Soccer
  • Men’s and Women’s Tennis
  • Men’s and women’s Indoor Track & Field
  • Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Track & Field

B. Intramurals

Many students participate each year in intramural team sports. This program is open to current SAS students, faculty, and staff, and provides an excellent way to meet friends, enjoy team activities and be physically active. Activities such as volleyball, basketball, broomball, ultimate Frisbee, disc golf and others (as interest develops) highlight the intramural year.

C. Fitness Center and Weight Room

A Fitness Waiver needs to be submitted each academic year for access to the Fitness Center. To use the Weight Room, students and employees must attend a training class before access is granted. Individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed in the Fitness Center or Weight Room unless they have a student ID and have attended the training for the Weight Room. Shirts must be worn in the Weight Room at all times. There is no posting of pictures or video to personal social media accounts allowed.

The Fitness Waiver is found on > Students > Campus Life.

Student Leadership Development Opportunities

The mission of Crown College is to provide a biblically based education for Christian leadership in The Christian and Missionary Alliance, the church at large, and the world. Our goal is to equip every student to glorify God by influencing those around them toward Christ-like living.

A. Student Outcomes

In an effort to encourage students to live fully surrendered to God, we want them to:

Embrace an identity in Christ.

  1. Develop an appreciation that each person is loved and created in the image of God.
  2. Adopt a personal awareness of their Christ-centered identity.
  3. Demonstrate a growing conviction of their personal beliefs and values.
  4. Become competent to recognize and manage emotions.
  5. Make positive life choices stemming from a biblical understanding of their identity.

Cultivate a personal & growing faith in Christ.

  1. Increasingly practice personal spiritual disciplines.
  2. Increasingly integrate the Bible into daily life.
  3. Intentionally participate in personal discipleship and mentoring.

Engage in Christian community.

  1. Value the Christian community.
  2. Actively contribute to the life of a local Christian community.
  3. Develop mature interpersonal relationships.

Live on mission for Christ.

  1. Choose to serve and pray for others.
  2. Honor the diversity found in the community.
  3. Actively share the message of the gospel
  4. Align personal purpose and professional vocation for a fruitful and meaningful life.

B. Leadership Opportunities

Each year Crown students are involved in on-campus leadership opportunities, including, but not limited to:

  • Athletic Team Captains
  • Chapel Worship Teams
  • Campus Mobilization Team (CMT)
  • Crown College Student Senate
  • Student Revival Ambassadors (SRA) 
  • Faculty Teaching Assistants (TAs)
  • Local Church Service and Leadership
  • Resident Assistant (RA)
  • Assistant Resident Directors (ARD)
  • Short-term Mission Leaders (Destination: Serve)
  • Student Activities Board (SAB)
  • Student Chaplain
  • Traveling Ministry Teams
  • Intramural Assistants 
  • Welcome Week Staff 

For more information, contact Student Development. Some leadership positions may include modest compensation.

C. Leadership Development

Crown places a strong emphasis on leadership development, both inside and outside the classroom, through a variety of training opportunities, including:

  • Leadership Week: Chapel services are focused on servant leadership and are held the first week in February each year. Students are given the opportunity to apply for next year’s leadership positions during this week.
  • Leadership Retreat: This retreat is held the end of the spring semester for students selected for the following year’s leadership positions.
  • Association of Christians in Student Development (ACSD) Regional Student Leadership Conference. This conference is held every fall at one of the four Christian Colleges in the Twin Cities.

Student Organizations

The Student Development office has information to assist in identifying opportunities for involvement on campus in clubs and organizations which are open to all students.

A. Student Senate

The Senate is the governing body of the CCSA (Crown College Student Association – needed?), overseeing all student organizations and representing the students before the faculty and governing bodies of the College. Elections for the Senate Executive Council (Student Body President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer) are held annually. 

The Senate is involved in the development and maintenance of student organizations and special interest clubs.

B. Recognized Student Groups/Clubs

Current Student Organizations:

  1. Peer Advisory Council for Teacher Education (PACT)
  2. Mu Kappa for international students
  3. Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)

Current Student Clubs:

  • Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF)
  • Hmong Student Fellowship (HSF)
  • Art Studio
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club
  • Film Coalition

Voluntary Participation Waiver

All students traveling on or for Crown College business (including travel for student clubs, groups, coursework, etc.) must sign a Voluntary Event Participation Waiver. It includes Crown’s Personal Property Policy as follows:

Loss or damage to personal property (clothing, books, cell phones, electronics, etc.) is not insured by Crown College and must be insured by the student (or his/her parents), staff or faculty. This applies to personal property on-campus, in residence halls, in Crown College vehicles (on athletic or academic trips, etc.), and in personal vehicles being used for Crown business.

Copies of the waiver may be obtained by contacting the Head of the Department you are travelling with or from the Operations Office. Please return the completed waiver to the Department Head who will in turn return all completed waivers to the Operations Office.

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