Meet Your Professors

The faculty at Crown College blends higher learning with a higher calling. Going beyond teaching, they disciple, mentor and lead with the passion for Christ you would hope to experience at a Christian college. Nearly 90 percent of our faculty holds the highest degrees possible in their fields, and those who have come from the corporate world are seasoned, respected professionals.

Dr. Saju Alex

Associate Professor of Business | Business Department Chair

Dr. Aaron Aslakson

Director of Exercise Science

Dr. Troy Backhuus

Internship Coordinator + Assistant Professor, MA Counseling Program

Dr. Elaine Bednar

Content Expert, Core Faculty Member

Dr. Erin Bell

Content Expert, Core Faculty Member

Kevin Berg

Assistant Professor of Communication

Bill Bojan

Dean of the Business School

Emma Bondy

Assistant Professor of Communication

Dr. Don Bouchard

Professor of English + Teacher Education

Dr. Bob Brannon

Content Expert, Core Faculty Member

Anthony Bushnell, J.D.

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice + Legal Studies | Licensed Attorney

Dr. Donna Chandler-Kornegay

Core Counseling Faculty

Dr. Darius Cooper

Core Counseling Faculty

Dr. Kellie Corti

Dean of Liberal Arts and Education | Chair of Humanities and Social Science | Professor of Communication

Dr. Patrick Davis

Core Counseling Faculty

Dr. Aaron Edmund

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Dean Erickson

Professor of Biblical Studies | Chair of Biblical, Theological, and Ministry Studies

Dr. Tim Evans

Core Counseling Faculty

Dr. Jessica Fleck

Assistant Professor of Next Generation Ministry Leadership

Dr. Nick Fox

Assistant Professor of Christian Studies

Kalli Franz

Faculty-in-Residence, Worship Minsitry

Dr. Ryan Furlong

Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Beth Gerhard-Burnham

Core Counseling Faculty

Steve Graham

Director of Online Undergraduate Business

Dr. Karen Gustafson

Associate Professor of Psychology

Tyler Hajek

Assistant Professor of Business + Sport Management

Dr. Lynne Hale

Core Counseling Faculty

Dr. Ryan Heinsch

Assistant Professor of Christian Studies

Dr. Abby Hill

Core Counseling Faculty

Dr. Krista Hoekstra

Dean of Health and Sciences

Dr. Alexis Jones

Assistant Professor of History + Teacher Education

Kristopher Kallies

Associate Professor of Nursing

Jessica Kesterson

Assistant Professor of Nursing


David Kindervater

Faculty-in-Residence, Intercultural Studies


Evangeline Kindervater

Faculty-in-Residence, Intercultural Studies

Jerry Kragt

Faculty-in-Residence, Director of Intercultural Studies

Kayla Kubat

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education

Dr. Bill Kuhn

Dean, School of Theology + Ministry

Dr. Dawn Locklear

Professor of Mathematics | Chair of the Biological + Health Sciences Department

Dr. Darin Mather

Associate Dean of Online Studies

Dr. Leslie Mathews

Associate Professor | Chair of Teacher Education

Dr. Fawn McCracken

Chief Online Learning Officer, Dean of Online Studies

Dr. Tom McCracken

Associate Professor of Psychology and Sociology, Director of Disability Services

Dr. Dee McDonald

Sports Coaching + Administration Faculty

Dr. Glenn Myers

Professor of Church History and Theological Studies

Dr. Patrick Osborne

Executive Director of Online + Graduate Admissions

Dr. Joy Pieper

Associate Professor, Nursing Department Chair

Kendall Qualls

Faculty-in-Residence, School of Business

Dr. Amy Roedding

Content Expert, Core Faculty Member

MaryRose Thill

Faculty-in-Residence, School of Business

Dr. Aeisha Thomas

Professor of Biology and Life Science

Dr. J. Trevor Vannatta

Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr. Tamara Watkins

Core Counseling Faculty

Dr. Cornelia White

Content Expert, Core Faculty Member

Dr. Justin Winzenburg

Associate Professor of New Testament and Greek | Director of Crown Honors

Dr. Cassandra Woodland

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

Dr. Jim Zapf

Dean, Graduate School of Counseling