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As a Boldly Christian college, we actively strive to foster an environment of spiritual growth. To help you thrive in your walk with God while at Crown, you’ll find a variety of programs and activities to engage in.

A Note from Pastor Max

Campus Pastor & Director of Spiritual Formation

Hello there! I’m truly excited to welcome you to Crown College. In my role as Campus Pastor and Director of Spiritual Formation, I have the privilege of guiding and nurturing the spiritual journeys of our incredible students. Our goal as a spiritual formation team is to help students draw closer to Jesus Christ in every experience they have at Crown College. We believe in fostering spiritual growth through global service opportunities, nurturing close-knit “Life Together” groups, and coming together for worship in Chapel throughout the week. Our deepest hope is that your time here at Crown will be a transformative experience, where your faith in the Lord blossoms in unique and meaningful ways. We believe the best ministry is yet to come and we look forward to your arrival at Crown College very soon!


Every Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 a.m., our entire campus gathers for Chapel. The purpose of Chapel is to glorify God, advance the global mission of Christ, and promote a Kingdom lifestyle for the Crown College community. Chapels include scripture-based preaching from faculty and staff, guest speakers, and students, songs with solid theological context, and opportunities for our community to respond to God’s Word and work and presence.

Life Together Groups

Life Together Groups are small groups of individuals who are part of the Crown College community who gather weekly to connect and engage in activities that promote and encourage personal spiritual growth. The intent is that each student will find an LT Group that is a safe place to ask questions and journey with others in his/her walk with the Lord. LT Groups are offered each semester in 6 and 12-week sessions.


Nearly every Sunday night our students gather in the chapel for Selah. Selah is a student led chapel designed to provide an intimate space for students to encounter God. It is a time filled with worship, testimony, and scripture.

Campus Ministries

Student Leadership Teams

Student Revival Ambassadors

The Student Revival Ambassadors (SRA) at Crown College aim to provide transformative ministry for students. This involves initiating Bible studies, organizing small and large group prayer efforts, and assisting with the campus mentoring program. Additionally, they focus on promoting ministries, recruiting and preparing students for intercessory ministry, and developing strategies for enhancing spiritual care to students.

Campus Mobilization Team

The Campus Mobilization Team (CMT) is a group of students who work to promote, educate, and encourage the participation of the Crown College community in local and global missions initiatives. Through a variety of chapels, events, and initiatives, CMT seeks to develop global Christian students, faculty, and staff by urging them to give to, pray for, and be involved in missions both in the United States and around the world. The Global Impact Fest (GIF) in the spring is a significant event that actively involves students in what God is doing here, near, and far.

Crown Worship Collective

Do you love to lead others into the presence of God? Join a team that travels locally to camps, churches, and other sites to spread the love of Jesus through music and worship. Join a community devoted to singing God’s praise and learn how to improve as a musician, all for God’s glory.

Destination: Serve Trips

Destination: Serve (DS) Trips are designed to provide an opportunity for students to experience what God is doing globally by participating in short-term mission trips. Through fundraising, cross-cultural training, and team building, you can expand your mind and your heart while serving in a multicultural context. Each fall, students apply to teams that travel during the spring and summer to serve communities throughout the world. 

Campus Ministries


Global Impact Fest

The Global Impact Fest (GIF) is a 3-day conference to develop global Christian students, faculty, and staff by urging them to give to, pray for, and be involved in missions both in the United States and around the world. Various chapel services, workshops, activities, and experiences are planned to educate and challenge the Crown community to have a global perspective in Jesus’s commands to “go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19) and be His witnesses to the “ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8).

Deeper Life

Once every semester, Crown intentionally allots extra time to discover and explore the fullness of deeper life in Jesus. The Deeper Life speakers focus on different themes each time, but the main goal remains the same: to go deeper with Jesus.

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