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A Note from Martha Swift

Vice President of Student Development

The Student Development team supports students outside the classroom so that they can be successful inside the classroom. We strive to be intentional, incarnational, collaborative, and redemptive in a holistic approach to our work with students. The services and activities we oversee include personal and career counseling, health services, campus events, intramural sports and recreation activities, spiritual formation opportunities, diversity initiatives, and assistance in the residence halls. 

We want every student at Crown to feel seen, heard, and cared for in a way that will launch them to be mature, responsible, and committed lovers of Jesus transformed to spread the gospel here, near, and far. After 15 years in higher education, it brings me joy and satisfaction to hear a student share about personal transformation that happened through college experiences and relationships built in the residence halls.

I love walking alongside students and helping them wrestle with questions like, “Who am I?” “Who am I with God?” “Who am I with others?” and “Who am I in the world?” These conversations happen over lunch, while taking a walk around campus, as we sip a smoothie in the coffee shop, or while playing with my dog in my backyard. Students at Crown are an extension of my family, and I encourage, support, pray for, and hold them accountable like they are my own kids.

Crown College is special. The community here is unmatched. I can’t wait for you to be a part of it and experience what I am so proud of. Come home to Crown!

Student Development


Christ-centered spiritual formation opportunities

Life-enriching service opportunities

High impact co-curricular experiences

Safe and inclusive spaces

Intentional student programs and services

Student Development


We see Christian leadership encompassing the following goals for our students.
We believe these goals will be met when you ask and seek the answers to these questions:

Who Am I?

GOAL: Embracing your identity in Christ.

Learning to demonstrate self-understanding and awareness of your personal values.

Making positive life choices stemming from a biblical understanding of your identity.

Who Am I with God?

GOAL: Form a personal & growing faith in Christ. 

Practicing personal spiritual disciplines. 

Understanding and applying the Bible to daily life. 

Participating in personal discipleship and mentoring.

Who Am I with Others?

GOAL: Intentionally engaging in a Christian community.

Actively participating in worship within a Christian community.

Developing a growing appreciation for the Christian community.

Contributing your gifts, talents, and treasure within a Christian community.

Who Am I in the World?

GOAL: Actively pursuing a missional lifestyle in Christ.

Choosing to serve and pray for others.

Recognizing the diversity found in the community by pursuing relationships with those from other cultures.

Preparing to go into all the world to share the message of the gospel.

Affirming your personal and professional vocation.

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