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Online Biblical Studies Bachelor’s Degree

Designed for students who want to expand their understanding of the Bible, the online Biblical Studies degree program cultivates personal and professional spiritual formation through in depth study of God’s Word. Crown College is committed to the authority and trustworthiness of God’s Word as we seek to study its meaning and apply it to the contexts in which we live and minister.

This program builds upon Crown’s Christian Studies Core so that transfer students can complete this degree by taking as few as 30 credits at Crown. It is also designed so that students can easily add it as a second major to programs such as the B.S. in Christian Ministry, B.S. in Business or B.S. in Psychology/Counseling. Students who have already completed an undergraduate degree, but want to pursue another undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies may want to consider this degree program or one of our graduate degree offerings.

Graduates of the online Biblical Studies program are prepared for effective teaching and disciple-making ministries in churches, youth and para-church ministries, and other faith-based education and nonprofit organizations. Through this degree program, graduates are also prepared to meet the licensing requirements for ministry in the Christian and Missionary Alliance. In addition, graduates of this program are prepared for graduate work in Bible, theology or practical ministry and may elect to continue on to pursue one of Crown’s graduate degrees including the Master of Divinity.

Faculty with credentials in academic excellence, and with significant ministry and mission experience, lead the courses in Crown’s dynamic online learning environment. The online Biblical Studies bachelor’s degree program is infused with Crown’s academic integrity and top-ranked by is reflected in top rankings by both MONEY Magazine and Christian Universities Online.

Crown’s easy-to-use online learning environment allows you the freedom and flexibility to complete coursework at your convenience. Tuition is priced competitively lower than at similar accredited institutions.

  • Learning Goals

    Crown’s regionally accredited online Biblical Studies major is designed to prepare leaders who can study and teach the word with confidence and effectiveness.  Through our B. S. in Biblical Studies degree, students will be prepared to:

    • Define one’s life mission and God-given destiny based on classic and contemporary understandings of Christian spirituality.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the history, themes, and content of the Biblical text.
    • Utilize principles of hermeneutics to interpret and apply Scripture.
    • Utilize Scriptural and Theological reasoning to articulate one’s position on a theological issue.
    • Apply a theology and philosophy of missions and outreach to one’s personal and ministry context.
    • Develop leadership strategies based on the ability to listen to and learn from others.
  • Courses

    Biblical Studies Major (B.S.) Courses

    Required Courses for the Biblical Studies B.S. Degree

    II. General Education Core - 31 Credits

    III. Major Core - 45 Credits

    The major core includes the 18 credits of the Christian Studies core plus the following:

    IV. Electives - 49 Credits

    Total - 125 Credits

    1 Counts towards 3 credits of Social Science credits. Students who have successfully completed 60 credits with a GPA of at least a 2.0 may replace SOC 1510  with another Social Science elective.

    2 Click HERE  to view options for Social Science, Humanities, Global Awareness, and Fine Arts Electives.

    * Some courses from the Christian Studies Core and Major Core can be used to fulfill requirements in the General Education Core. By doing that the number of electives needed would increase so that the minimum of 125 credits is reached.

    To view these courses in our online catalog system, click here.
    (This will open in a new browser window or tab.)

  • Double Major Options

    Double Major Option

    The B.S. in Biblical Studies is designed so that students can build upon their Christian Studies Core courses from other bachelor’s degree programs in order to add a second major.

    B.S. in Christian Ministry: Students in this degree can add a second major in Biblical Studies by declaring the second major and adding the following courses:

    • BIB 3510 – Interpreting the Gospels (3 credits)
    • BIB 4047 – Christ and the Gospels* (3 credits)
    • BIB 3520 – Interpreting the Bible* (3 credits)
    • CM3520 – Spiritual Formation* (3 credits)
    • 300-400 level BIB Electives (3 credits)

    Other B.S. Degrees: Students in other bachelor degree programs can add a second major in Biblical Studies by declaring the second major and taking the expanded Christian Studies Core plus four additional courses.

    In short, students will take six (6) courses in addition to the basic Christian Studies Core that are required in their B.S. degree in order to receive this second major.

  • Tuition

    Online (SOS) Tuition

    Online Undergraduate 2018-2019 Costs

    Tuition Per Credit $450
    Application Fee $25
    Technology Fee $130 per semester

    Online Undergraduate 2017-2018 Costs

    Tuition Per Credit $445
    Application Fee $25
    Technology Fee $125 per semester

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