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Helping Others Find Freedom

Crown’s B.S. degree in Alcohol and Drug Counseling will provide you with the skills needed to help individuals struggling with addiction to find healing.

Students will examine the effects of substance abuse on individuals and families with special attention given to the emotional, cognitive, cultural, professional, financial and spiritual consequences of addiction.

Why study Alcohol + Drug Counseling at Crown?

Faith Integrated

Learn how to engage contemporary addiction issues from a biblical perspective.

Experienced Faculty Practitioners

The program is led by individuals with excellent scholarship and years of experience in Counseling.

Internship Experience

Practical experience with real clients.

I have the opportunity to not just be in a caring community, but a community that fosters the same values and faith. There are so many different perspectives here from students and professors, and it creates so many opportunities to grow.

Being at Crown makes you want to stay at Crown for the rest of your life; but being at Crown also gets you excited for what God is preparing you to do after college, too.

Nora Xiong


Substance Abuse Counselor
Mental Health Technician
Case Manager

Advanced Degrees

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Abby Hill

Core Counseling Faculty

Dr. Fawn McCracken

Chief Online Learning Officer, Dean of Online Studies

Dr. Jim Zapf

Dean, Graduate School of Counseling

Preview of Courses

PSY 4012 - Case Management for Alcohol and Drug Counseling

Procedures and accepted practices for case management will be presented to demonstrate the wide variety of ways in which to provide case management as a service that is acceptable to private and public entities. Topics will include case management principles and techniques, treatment planning, record keeping, consultation and referral methods, and client education. Emphasis will be placed on professional and ethical practice that is holistic, culturally sensitive, and rooted in biblical principles.

PSY 4010 - Assessment and Treatment Planning

This course will review the counselor functions of screening, intake, orientation, assessment and evaluation of chemically dependent clients. The process of interviewing and administering assessment instruments will be explored with emphasis on competent legal and ethical standards of professional practice in culturally diverse settings.

PSY 3010 - Introduction to Drug and Alcohol Counseling

This course surveys the interdisciplinary foundations of alcohol and drug counseling, including theories of chemical dependency, the continuum of care, and the process of change. Discussion topics will include co-occurring disorders and crisis intervention techniques and services. Students will examine the impact of substance abuse on the individual, the family and society. Professional and ethical responsibilities will be introduced in light of biblical truth with an emphasis on holistic approaches to patient care.


Online education uses digital technology and the internet to deliver educational content. Our courses are built to be 8-week courses. Students can access lectures, assignments, and resources through our online platform, Canvas. Communication with instructors and peers often occurs through discussion forums, video conferencing, and email.
Requirements may vary, but generally, students need a reliable computer and internet connection.
Online exams and assessments can take various forms, including multiple-choice quizzes, essays, and timed exams. Most classes utilize discussion posts each week, due every Thursday. All of these are available on our online program Canvas.
We generally accept credits from accredited institutions as long as the student maintained a C or higher in the course. To see a full list of what classes will transfer, you can visit Transferology or contact our registrar office at
Crown College offers a wide-range of scholarships to every student. 100% of students receive some type of financial aid. For more information about financial aid, click here.
At Crown College, every class is taught from a Biblical worldview. Our faculty are all followers of Christ and are comfortable incorporating Christian principles into their curriculum.

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