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This degree program features a core of biblical and theological studies to prepare students for effective Christian ministry through facilitating growth in Christ-centered character, empowered ministry, leadership excellence, and healthy living. 

The Christian Ministry program is designed to prepare thoughtful ministry practitioners who have a clear vision for making disciples in their local congregations and to the ends of the Earth.

Why study Christian Ministry at Crown?


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From the moment that I started the Christian Ministry program, I have been able to practice everything that I have learned in my ministry field. I have developed spiritually and been equipped missionally. I love interacting with my classmates from all over the country and the world to get a broader perspective about the Church.

Taking classes online has helped me complete my degree program while gaining hands-on experience in ministry. I have also been able to engage in an active community of believers who are passionate to serve our local community. I love being a Crown Online Student because both the professors and students are passionate about learning from both the curriculum and each other.

Alexis Wheeler


Church Administrator
Christian Educator

Advanced Degrees

M.A. in Christian Studies
M.A. in Ministry Leadership
M.A. in Pastoral Counseling

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Bill Kuhn

Dean, School of Theology + Ministry

Dr. Elaine Bednar

Content Expert, Core Faculty Member

Preview of Courses

CM 4610 - Principles of Counseling and Care Ministry

This course provides a biblical and psychological basis for counseling by ministers and other church leaders. Various counseling and care methods are considered and related to typical situations faced in ministry. Counseling ethics, referral, and integration of counseling with other forms of pastoral staff care are emphasized.

THE 3522 - Systematic Theology I

This course is a systematic survey and analysis of the doctrines of revelation, inspiration of Scripture, God, creation, man, and sin. While a variety of theological perspectives are considered, special attention is given to these topics from the standpoint of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

THE 3701 - Apologetics and Christian Evidences

This course provides a broad exposure to the defense of the Christian faith with special emphasis on philosophical and theological conceptions of truth. Students will examine the core arguments for Christian theism, compare Christian and non-Christian worldview perspectives, and respond to common objections to the Christian faith. The relationship between apologetics and evangelism will also be discussed.


Online education uses digital technology and the internet to deliver educational content. Our courses are built to be 8-week courses. Students can access lectures, assignments, and resources through our online platform, Canvas. Communication with instructors and peers often occurs through discussion forums, video conferencing, and email.
Requirements may vary, but generally, students need a reliable computer and internet connection.
Online exams and assessments can take various forms, including multiple-choice quizzes, essays, and timed exams. Most classes utilize discussion posts each week, due every Thursday. All of these are available on our online program Canvas.
We generally accept credits from accredited institutions as long as the student maintained a C or higher in the course. To see a full list of what classes will transfer, you can visit Transferology or contact our registrar office at
Crown College offers a wide-range of scholarships to every student. 100% of students receive some type of financial aid. For more information about financial aid, click here.
At Crown College, every class is taught from a Biblical worldview. Our faculty are all followers of Christ and are comfortable incorporating Christian principles into their curriculum.

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