Criminal Justice + Legal Studies B.S.

Department of Humanities + Social Science

Act Justly, Love Mercy

Crown’s Criminal Justice + Legal Studies degree offers students a unique educational opportunity with real-world implications to investigate—from a Christian perspective—diverse social, political, legal, and ethical concerns embedded in complex criminal justice issues.

With a Criminal Justice + Legal Studies degree, students in the program will cover multiple specialty areas including the legal system, interpersonal skills, the corrections system, research, and data-informed decision-making and more.

Why study Criminal Justice + Legal Studies at Crown?

Gain Broad Experience

You’ll be exposed to both the concepts of criminal justice and practical skills related to the field of law. Coursework covers criminal law, civil law, constitutional law, civil rights, reform efforts, and ethics.

Play a Meaningful Role in Others' Lives

Bring your expertise, and provide a positive presence, where the need is greatest.

Prepare for an In-demand Profession

There are a variety of career options, and a growing number of positions, within this field.

I have the opportunity to not just be in a caring community, but a community that fosters the same values and faith. There are so many different perspectives here from students and professors, and it creates so many opportunities to grow.

Being at Crown makes you want to stay at Crown for the rest of your life; but being at Crown also gets you excited for what God is preparing you to do after college, too.

Nora Xiong


Police & Courts
Crime Prevention Specialist
Probation Officer
Conservation Officer

Preparation for Advanced Degrees

Juris Doctor (Law School)
Master’s in Criminal Justice
Master’s in Organizational Leadership

Meet the Dean

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Kellie Corti

Dean of Liberal Arts and Education | Chair of Humanities and Social Science | Professor of Communication

Anthony Bushnell, J.D.

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice + Legal Studies | Licensed Attorney

Preview of Courses

CRJ - Christian and Legal Ethics

This course equips students to understand basic ethical concepts for moral guidance and decision-making, and compares other major ethical approaches with Christian ethics. The course also introduces students to professional ethics in the context of dealing with law and legal practice. It focuses on concepts necessary to a variety of professional roles in law enforcement, government, law, and the courts. These include duties of confidentiality and acting in the best interests of a client, rules against engaging in conflicts of interest, and ethical responsibilities for handling private data. Students will study the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct that apply to the legal profession and practice applying ethical judgment.

CRJ 352 - Criminology

This course examines the extent and nature of crime in the United States. Attention is given to theories of crime causation and an analysis of the social processes leading to criminal behavior.

POL 332 - American Constitutional Law

This course studies the U.S. Constitution, emphasizing the interpretation of its provisions by the courts and its application to law enforcement and individual rights.


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