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Crown College’s Master of Arts in Counseling program emphasizes all aspects of the healing process and provides the necessary foundation to practice as a professional counselor.

This Master’s online degree in Counseling satisfies the academic requirements for licensure as a professional counselor in the state of Minnesota, as well as many other states. This degree is offered primarily online, with a four-day residency at Crown College’s beautiful campus at the end of the Spring semester.

Why study Counseling at Crown?

Growing Field

The need for mental health counselors is projected to grow 25% by 2029, making a Master’s of Arts in Counseling degree a strategic choice with endless career opportunities.


Graduates of Crown’s online Master of Arts in Counseling can be confident they are receiving a degree at an affordable price compared to other programs. For more information, visit our financial aid page.

Experienced Faculty Practitioners

Our program is led by individuals with excellent scholarship and experience in the profession of Counseling. Built within each course are discussion posts designed to bolster the online community and expand every student’s network.

I have the opportunity to not just be in a caring community, but a community that fosters the same values and faith. There are so many different perspectives here from students and professors, and it creates so many opportunities to grow.

Being at Crown makes you want to stay at Crown for the rest of your life; but being at Crown also gets you excited for what God is preparing you to do after college, too.


Nora Xiong


Licensed Professional Counselor
Clinical Director
Program Director

Advanced Degrees

Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Social Work

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Darius Cooper

Core Counseling Faculty

Dr. Jim Zapf

Dean, Graduate School of Counseling

Dr. Tamara Watkins

Core Counseling Faculty

Dr. Abby Hill

Core Counseling Faculty

Dr. Beth Gerhard-Burnham

Core Counseling Faculty

Dr. Tim Evans

Core Counseling Faculty

Dr. Troy Backhuus

Internship Coordinator + Assistant Professor, MA Counseling Program

Dr. Donna Chandler-Kornegay

Core Counseling Faculty

Dr. Patrick Davis

Core Counseling Faculty

Dr. Lynne Hale

Core Counseling Faculty

Accelerated Program

Students can earn their bachelor’s and master’s in 6 years rather than 7 through our accelerated Master of Arts in Counseling Program. Students can talk with an admissions counselor to learn more.


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Preview of Courses

COU 5212 - Counseling Skills, Methods and Techniques in Helping Relationships

A broad understanding of the processes of counseling, including establishing and maintaining the counseling relationship, facilitating appropriate interventions, successful termination, interviewing techniques, goal setting, and other core helping skills. An understanding of clinical intervention methods informed by research evidence and community standards of practice.

COU 5210 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling

A broad overview of the ethical and legal issues facing counselors in current counseling practice. Topics covered include confidentiality, record keeping, reimbursement, boundary issues, informed consent, values conflicts, religious issues, and professional competence. Professional codes of ethics and legal standards will be reviewed. Professional ethics as applied to clinical practice will be emphasized.

COU 6214 - Psychopathology

An introduction to the scientific study of mental illness through a comprehensive look at the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). The focus will be on the description, etiology, and methods of treatment for disorders in the DSM. Students will develop an understanding of child and adult mental disorders and psychopathology, including developmental psychopathology.


We offer a 60 credit hour, Regionally-accredited, Master’s level online Counseling degree, in addition to Pastoral Counseling and Alcohol and Drug Counseling Masters degrees.
The Master of Arts in Counseling degree leads to licensure in the State of Minnesota. It may or may not meet the specific licensing requirements in other states, which, therefore, may mean additional action is needed to fulfill an individual state’s licensing requirements. There may also be state restrictions related to fully online programs. Applicants and graduates should contact their state’s licensing board to determine the requirements needed in the state in which they are seeking licensure. Once graduated, most students will complete a state-determined number of supervised practice hours and an exam prior to gaining independent licensure.  
The program is designed to work with your schedule. Your advisor will help you determine a course sequence that works with your circumstances.
Those students who choose to attend classes full time (approximately 9 credit hours per semester) can complete the program in three years.
Crown does accept transfer credits from qualified schools for specific courses. Before enrolling, a transcript evaluation can be completed to determine the number of credits that will transfer.
Practicum and Internship may be completed at a qualifying counseling site of the student’s choice. Students will receive approval of their Practicum and Internship sites by our Internship Coordinator who will check to determine whether the site and supervisor are qualified to provide the experience. Students choose their own site but Crown will assist as needed.

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