School of Arts & Sciences Handbook 2023-2024

Crown College Mission and Vision

Crown College is committed to being Boldly Christian, Academically Excellent, and a Lifelong Authentic Community that fulfills its mission, lives out its values, and achieves its vision.


Biblically-Based Christian Leadership

The mission of Crown College is to provide a Biblically-based education for Christian leadership in The Christian and Missionary Alliance, the church-at-large, and the world.


The Midwest’s Boldly Christian College

The vision for Crown College is to be the Midwest’s boldly Christian College.

Crown College Commitments

The three Crown Commitments form the bedrock of our strategic plan. They represent what we believe are the essential elements of our success over the next five years and into the future.

BOLDLY CHRISTIAN: As a boldly Christian institution, Crown College places Jesus Christ at the center of everything we do.

ACADEMICALLY EXCELLENT: As an academically excellent institution, Crown College commits to the rigorous pursuit of truth and wisdom while providing an exceptional educational environment to help each student excel in academics, vocational preparation, and their faith.

LIFELONG AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY: At Crown College, we commit to fostering an authentic and lifelong community, providing a sense of belonging to all students, employees, faculty, alumni, and friends.

Crown College Values

Crown’s core values represent the behaviors we believe are critical to carrying out our commitments so we can fulfill our student-centered mission and achieve our institutional vision.

PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE: At Crown College, we value employee excellence through empowerment, integrity, stewardship, quality work, time management, development of expertise, meeting deadlines, and following through on commitments.

COLLABORATION: Crown College values a collaborative community that partners physically, virtually, intellectually, academically, and cross-departmentally to bring our institution to a new level of excellence.

KINGDOM DIVERSITY: Crown College values and understands the need for a culture of belonging and global engagement striving towards true unity in Christ affirmed in the scriptures.

HOSPITALITY: Crown College values an others-first approach to hospitality. We are a generous and friendly community in person and online, providing a sense of belonging to all who interact with us.

INNOVATION: At Crown College, we value, encourage, and expect employees and students to be innovative in their roles and take ownership of their work.

Student Development Mission and Values

Student Development encourages each student toward Christlikeness by fostering authentic community through co-curricular educational experiences and student services.


  1. Collaboration: We will cultivate meaningful internal and external collaborations that promote the interests of students.
  2. Intentional: We will provide deliberate and proactive care and services for students.
  3. Incarnational: We will pursue a relational presence with students in order to model a life committed to Christ.
  4. Holistic: We will develop the whole person as uniquely created in the image of God.
  5. Redemptive: We will foster a redemptive community characterized by grace and truth.
  6. Safe: We will strive to create an atmosphere and space that is emotionally, spiritually, and physically safe for students.


  1. Christ-centered spiritual formation opportunities 
  2. Life-enriching service opportunities 
  3. High impact co-curricular experiences 
  4. Safe and inclusive environment
  5. Intentional student programs and services 


Who AM I?

GOAL: Students will embrace their identity in Christ. 

  • Students will demonstrate self-understanding and awareness of their personal values. 
  • Students will make positive life choices stemming from a biblical understanding of their identity. 

Who Am I with God?

GOAL: Students will form a personal & growing faith in Christ. 

  •  Students will increasingly practice personal spiritual disciplines. 
  • Students will increasingly understand and apply the Bible to daily life. 
  • Students will intentionally participate in personal discipleship and mentoring. 

Who Am I with Others?

GOAL: Students will intentionally engage in a Christian community. 

  • Students will have a growing appreciation for the Christian community. 
  • Students will actively participate in worship within a Christian community. 
  • Students will contribute their gifts, talents, and treasure within a Christian community. 

Who Am I in the world?

GOAL: Students will actively pursue a missional lifestyle in Christ. 

  • Students will choose to serve and pray for others. 
  • Students will recognize the diversity found in the community by pursuing relationships with those from other cultures. 
  • Students will go into all the world to share the message of the gospel. 
  • Students will affirm their personal and professional vocation. 

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