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Whether your goal is pastoral ministry, intercultural service, theological education, or service within other faith-based organizations, Crown’s online Masters in Christian Studies online degree is designed to equip you with the theological understanding and practical skills that will help you in ministry.                    


Why study Christian Studies at Crown College?


Our program is primarily online, perfect for busy working adults. Most courses last eight weeks, creating an optimized and efficient learning environment. Students are assigned an academic advisor who walks alongside them to help every student succeed.

Experienced Faculty

Our program is led by individuals with excellent scholarship and experience in the ministry field. Built within each course are discussion posts designed to bolster the online community and expand every student’s network.


Graduates of Crown’s Masters in Christian Studies program can be confident they are receiving a degree at an affordable price compared to other programs. For more information, visit our financial aid page.

I like taking classes online because, as a busy working mother and a partner in ministry with my husband, this is the only feasible way for me to pursue and achieve my dream of doing something I am called to do and impactful for the Kingdom of Heaven.

I am learning from professors with sound theology based on the absolute authority of the Scripture and a Christian worldview. In addition, I also enjoy being a part of a community that honors God, loves Jesus, and desires to advance His cause.

Taking classes online at Crown College is flexible for my schedule and affordable for my financial situation. I enjoy learning with people from across the world without leaving the comfort of my home and the company of my family.

Hong Ha (Holly) Nguyen


Youth Minister
Church Administration
International Worker

Advanced Degrees

Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Theology
Ph.D. in Theology

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Amy Roedding

Content Expert, Core Faculty Member

Dr. Bill Kuhn

Dean, School of Theology + Ministry

ATS Accreditation

Crown College’s Graduate School of Ministry programs have received accreditation from the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).  This prestigious additional accreditation provides students and prospective students with the assurance of Crown’s academically excellent and robust theological education. 

The Graduate School of Ministry programs are designed to meet the needs of students regardless of their life context, with courses held primarily online and optimized for an effective online learning environment. ATS accreditation provides Crown’s graduate theological programs a structure for continuous improvement and expands opportunities for students to launch into ministry and further education. 



Preview of Courses

CST 5222 - Alliance Distinctives

The course examines the historical, theological, and spiritual distinctives of The Christian and Missionary Alliance movement. Ordination/Consecration work is embedded in this course for the C&MA with a special emphasis on sanctification and healing.

CST 6218 - Biblical Theology

A study of major themes and doctrines contained in the Old and New Testaments. This course emphasizes the contributions of the various biblical books to the unity of the Old and New Testaments and examines the historical and theological milieu influencing Old and New Testament writings.

MIN 6211 - Spiritual Formation for Leaders

A study of biblical principles and methods of spiritual growth, character formation, discipleship, and equipping Christian believers for leadership in business and non-profit organizations. The goal of this course is to equip students in spiritual formation practices to prepare others for care-giving and leadership.


Online education uses digital technology and the internet to deliver educational content. Our courses are built to be 8-week courses. Students can access lectures, assignments, and resources through our online platform, Canvas. Communication with instructors and peers often occurs through discussion forums, video conferencing, and email.
Requirements may vary, but generally, students need a reliable computer and internet connection.
Online exams and assessments can take various forms, including multiple-choice quizzes, essays, and timed exams. Most classes utilize discussion posts each week, due every Thursday. All of these are available on our online program Canvas.
We generally accept credits from accredited institutions as long as the student maintained a C or higher in the course. To see a full list of what classes will transfer, you can visit Transferology or contact our registrar office at
Crown College offers a wide-range of scholarships to every student. 100% of students receive some type of financial aid. For more information about financial aid, click here.
At Crown College, every class is taught from a Biblical worldview. Our faculty are all followers of Christ and are comfortable incorporating Christian principles into their curriculum.

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