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Choosing to pursue a Biology degree from Crown College offers students a transformative educational journey that integrates their passion for science with boldly Christian values.

With a biology degree, students in the program will cover multiple specialty areas including research projects, laboratory and field skills, data analysis and more.

Why study Biology at Crown?

Smaller Class Sizes

Opportunity to interact with professors, inside + outside the classroom

Flexibility in Vocation

Graduates can work in many areas including Microbiology, Human Health, Ecology, Conservation Biology, or go into graduate professional or research programs.

Research Projects

Conduct undergraduate research projects alongside professors

I have the opportunity to not just be in a caring community, but a community that fosters the same values and faith. There are so many different perspectives here from students and professors, and it creates so many opportunities to grow.

Being at Crown makes you want to stay at Crown for the rest of your life; but being at Crown also gets you excited for what God is preparing you to do after college, too.

Nora Xiong


Natural Resources Supervisor
Wildlife Specialist
Conservation Officer
Environmental Specialist

Preparation for Advanced Degrees

Molecular Biology
Conservation Biology
Biomedical Engineering

Meet the Dean

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Krista Hoekstra

Dean of Health and Sciences

Dr. Aaron Edmund

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Aeisha Thomas

Professor of Biology and Life Science

Dr. J. Trevor Vannatta

Assistant Professor of Biology

Preview of Courses

SCI 200 - Ecology

An introduction to the field of Ecology. Topics covered include primary production and energy flow; nutrient cycling; population dynamics; population interactions; community succession; diversity; ecosystem structure and function; and global ecology. Attention will be given to the significance of human impact on ecosystems and the role of human stewardship in ecosystem management. In the laboratory section of the course particular emphasis will be given to freshwater ecology involving research projects on local lakes. In addition to the class lectures there is one laboratory per week.

SCI 415 - Cell Biology

The organization and physiology of eukaryotic cells are covered. Topics included are cell structure, movement, reproduction, energetics, transport, and protein metabolism. One lab per week.

SCI 311 - Introduction to Botany

This course is a study in plant biology. Plant structure and function are examined from the cellular to the macroscopic level. Plant physiology is covered in units on water transport, photosynthesis, respiration, and growth. Additional emphasis is given to plant taxonomy, ecology, and economic importance. One lab per week.


Our faculty to student ratio is 17:1. We intentionally aim to keep our class sizes small. This allows us to maintain academic excellence and strong relationships between faculty and students. At Crown College, every student is a person and not just another number.
We generally accept credits from accredited institutions as long as the student maintained a C or higher in the course. To see a full list of what classes will transfer, you can visit Transferology or contact our registrar office at
Available to all students, our Student Success Office is a great resource for students. Services offered by the Student Success Office are designed to increase academic success and build community. Amanda McDonald serves as our Director of Student Success and is more than happy to meet with any student. For more information, click here.
Yes we have an honors program! For more information on our Honors program click here.
Crown College offers a wide-range of scholarships to every student. 100% of students receive some type of financial aid. For more information about financial aid, click here.
At Crown College, every class is taught from a Biblical worldview. Our faculty are all followers of Christ and are comfortable incorporating Christian principles into their curriculum. For more information on other ways Crown College equips students spiritually outside of the classroom, click here.

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