Hope to the Hopeless


A Christian-based higher education program for those in prison focused on changing the life trajectory of those incarcerated, improving the safety and security of our communities, and expanding the kingdom of God on earth.


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Hope to the Hopeless?

Over 95% of our prison population will be released. However, within 5-years of being released, almost 80% will return to prison. Knowing this, we must ask ourselves how we can help to transform the life trajectories of those in prison and improve their success in remaining free upon release?

These questions are important, as the successful release of our prison population not only impacts the safety of our communities but also our economy. For instance, it costs Nebraska over $35,000 a year just to incarcerate one person, and there are more than 5,000 people currently incarcerated in our state. Besides economic and safety concerns however, there is also a biblical calling to help those in prison. For example, Hebrews 13:3 states “Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison”, while Psalms 69:33 tells us “For the Lord hears the needy and does not despise those who are in prison”

For these reasons, in 2020, Steven Scott, a former prisoner reborn and called to bring Christ into the prisons, teamed up with Crown College to create Hope to the Hopeless. Our program will offer an associate degree in Christian Ministry within the Nebraska State Penitentiary with the goal of educating and equipping those incarcerated with the knowledge and power of Christ. These students will also gain a valuable general education, with courses offered through our partnership with Metropolitan Community College.

So, if you could help to change these statistics, to change these men and the life trajectories of those incarcerated, would you? If so, please help us in supporting Hope to the Hopeless and help to improve the safety and security of our state, expand the kingdom of God on earth and bring Christ’s hope to one of the most hopeless places in our country.

Goals of H2H

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the students by offering them an opportunity to learn in a college environment

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the students by introducing or reaffirming their relationship with Christ

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the recidivism rate and improve the prison environment

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employability and provide opportunities for graduates to give back upon release

Steven Scott

Steven’s Story


My name is Steven Scott, and I am the founder of H2H. I am also one of that 95%, having served four years in prison myself. One of the major reasons why I am not one of the 80% who has returned to prison is largely two-fold. First and foremost, it is because I decided to pick up a bible while in prison. After reading it, I knew my life would never be the same again. Secondly, it is because I had access to a college education. I truly believe in the power of faith and education to change lives, and it is particularly empowering to those incarcerated.

In fact, research shows that Christian-based programs in prison result in vast improvements to the prison environment and that a college education offered behind bars will improve an individual’s ability to remain free and find employment upon release.”



Where H2H Needs Your Help

This degree program is set to launch in June of 2022, and the degree is projected to take approximately two years to complete. We plan to enroll a cohort of 15 students each year with an estimated total annual cost of approximately $97,500.

All costs are directly related to tuition for the students as well as the necessary learning materials required for each course (e.g. textbooks, notepads, writing materials, etc.). Our goal is to raise $390,000 before the first cohort graduates (2024), which will ensure the successful graduation of at least two different cohorts of students.

Our hope is that you will consider giving to this program in order to help us provide this degree. Although any contribution would be joyfully welcomed, contribution milestones include:

  • $650 to sponsor one class
  • $6,500 to sponsor a student for 1-year 
  • $13,000 to sponsor a student throughout the entirety of their degree 
  • $97,500 to support the entire student body for 1 year as they pursue their degree 
  • $195,000 to support the entire degree process for 1 cohort of students 

Our Progress

We have raised $199,357.50 to date


Goal of $390,000 by 2024

Are you ready to change lives with us?

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Statistics to Consider


Individuals incarcerated in Nebraska will return home.


Of those who return home will be re-arrested.


lower recidivism rate from those who receive a college education while in prison.


Spent educating an individual in prison will save $5 in long-term incarceration costs 


Crown College

Crown College was started as a small Bible College in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1916. For over 100 years, Crown has focused on preparing students to live out their faith in the world.  Now located 40 minutes west of the Twin Cities, we offer on-campus, online, and graduate degree programs. We have 16 NCAA Division III athletic teams, internship opportunities, and summer outreach programs around the globe. Though a lot has changed, or dedication to helping students grow in their faith has not. Our programs deeply integrate a Christian worldview into every class helping students to become all that God desires for them to be.


Crown College also offers seated ministry and counseling classes in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Students attend our traditional programs on our beautiful campus in Minnesota.

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Both undergrad and graduate programs. Most are 100% online.

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Early College

Students can gain valuable college credit at little to no cost to them.

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Hybrid Locations

We have multiple sites around the country that offer a hybrid format of education.

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Other schools partner to offer subjects like missions aviation while getting a Crown education.

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Professional Development

We offer personal and professional development programs.

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