Truth. Beauty. Goodness. Wisdom.

Join a community of distinguished scholars exploring truth, faith, science, and culture to engage minds and serve others.


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Crown Honors students have a passion for excellence and growth. We look for relentlessly curious individuals who want to ask big questions, engage with complex answers and build a community of distinguished scholars.
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Honors scholarship opportunities.

Crown Honors students accepted into the program will receive up to a full-tuition academic scholarship allowing students to focus on becoming distinguished scholars prepared to serve others.


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Become a Crown College Honors student.

  • Minimum ACT/SAT score of 30/1330 SAT* and acceptance into Crown College. Other students will be considered by the Director on a case-by-case basis.
    • *Crown College does not require an ACT/SAT to be admitted, but is necessary for Crown Honors
  • Students must be pursuing a residential degree program.
  • Must be at least 17 years old at start of program.
  • Must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.3


If you are applying to attend Crown College as an Honors student, please follow the process below:


  1. Express your interest in the program
  2. Submit your Application for Admission to Crown.
  3. Send us your scores and transcripts.
  4. You will be contacted by your admissions counselor about further steps. 
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*We are still accepting inquiries for 2024 High School Graduates.

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Receive an honors minor

Your eight honors courses, totaling 20 credits, will take you on an academic journey that explores truth, beauty, wisdom and goodness.

After completing your program you will receive a distinction on your transcript denoting a Honors Program minor.

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As a Crown honors graduate, I can attest to the ways the program provides essential critical thinking skills, research capabilities, and interdisciplinary experiences that prepared me well for graduate school and the professional world.

I am excited to see the next generation of students join our honors community and become distinguished scholars.


Dr. Justin Winzenburg

Crown Honors Director


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Program Details


Honors students experience personalized courses, symposiums, community events and more.

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Honors Director


Learn more about Dr. Justin Winzenburg, a product of Crown Honors himself.

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Yes, Once a student is awarded an honors scholarship in conjunction with being accepted into the program, their scholarship will be granted to them for the duration while they are enrolled in their degree program so long as they maintain the Honors program requirements.

Crown’s Honors program requires a minimum of three years to complete. In some cases where students have two full years completed, they may choose add a third year to their program in order to participate in Crown Honors. This also offers opportunity for the student to add a second major or a second minor.

The Honors program will cover any costs associated with the Fall honors retreat, and community activities/events. Students will be responsible for covering their own textbook costs and the built-in course fee for HON 330: Honors Study Abroad. This course will be taken the third year that students are enrolled in the Honors program. The course fee will cover all travel expenses to the study abroad location and while on location, as well as food, lodging, and other costs associated with the course. The course fee varies depending on the location. The estimated cost for a European location is $2800. Students will be notified of the final course fee costs the Fall semester before the course runs (that next Spring). Upon acceptance into the program, students are encouraged to begin saving/planning for the HON 330 course fee.