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Brand Assets

The following assets help give Crown a consistent look and feel in the world. The more these assets get used consistently, the more recognizable it is to prospective students and their families.

Crown College Crest

The Crown College Crest is the main mark for the school. This is a visual representation of the values and experience that students, faculty, and staff all have at Crown. The mark extends beyond our physical campus to Crown Online, partners, and anywhere else Crown College is providing quality Christian education.

Primary Logo PNG

Download our PNG assets. These do not have a background and therefore are ideal for a variety of designs.

White Logo PNG

These files are specifically to be used on colors or images. Please refer to the Brand Guide or contact us for help.

Designer Assets EPS

Download our vector files.


Another way to maintain visual consistency is by using the same fonts and colors. As our audience sees these colors used through print, web, digital ads, and videos, they will begin to recognize who we are even before seeing the “Crown College.”


The school’s primary academic font is Scala which can be seen on the Crown College logo. In 2020 we updated our main font to Gotham. This provides a more distinct, forward-facing look for the college. Gotham requires a license per computer using it and therefore is typically used for those making outward facing documents.


This is our primary academic font used by the general population of the school to mimic our main font: Gotham.


The main font for the Crown College logo is Scala. This font evokes a more traditional academic feel.

Polar Bold

The main font for the Crown Polars is Polar Bold.

Banker Square Bold

The secondary font for the Crown Polars is Banker Square Bold.

Athletics – Polars Logo

Crown College’s athletic brand is the Polars. To make the brand abundantly clear to our audience it is especially vital to include the wordmark (“Polars”) with the Polar Bear to cement the connection. Therefore, anytime the athletic mark is used, there should always be a horizontal or vertical version of the main logo highly visible. After this, the other marks can be used throughout.

The paw print is never to supersede the main mark. It can be used as a texture or supporting mark in the design.

Athletic Branding + General Use Quick Guide

Athletic Department Branding + Stationary Quick Guide

Sport Specific Quick Guide

Athletic Department + Sport Specific Social Branding Quick Guide

Athletic Logo PNG

Download our PNG assets. These do not have a background and therefore are ideal for a variety of designs.

Athletic Letterhead

Download our athletic letterhead.

Designer Files

These files are meant to be used by designers or vendors. Please make sure to follow brand guidelines for consistency.

Email Signature Templates

Crown Email Signature

Download our Crown email signature template.

Polars Email Signature

Download our Crown Polars email signature template.

View our signature update

Brand Guide

Marketing Materials

Use the official Crown assets to stay on brand.

If you are in need of something else not covered here, reach out to marketing or make a marketing request.

Academic Letterheads

Download our academic letterhead.

Business Cards

Order your Crown College Business cards here.


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