Meet your professors

The faculty at Crown College blends higher learning with a higher calling. Going beyond teaching, they disciple, mentor and lead with the passion for Christ you would hope to experience at a Christian college. Nearly 90 percent of our faculty holds the highest degrees possible in their fields, and those who have come from the corporate world are seasoned, respected professionals.

John Auer
Head Football Coach, Assistant Professor of Sport Management
Kevin Boozikee
Assistant Professor of English
Don Bouchard
Associate Professor of Teacher Ed
Curtis Brown
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Ken Castor
Professor of Youth Ministry
Kellie Corti
Department Chair/Associate Professor of Communication
Keldon Ellis
Assistant Professor of Worship Ministry
Dean M. Erickson
Department Chair/Professor of Old Testament Studies
Kimberly Geurts
Department Chair/Assistant Professor of Accounting
Karen Gustafson
Associate Professor of Psychology and Counseling
Melessa Henderson
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Stacy Ingraham
Professor of Exercise Science, Director of Exercise Science
Alexis C. Jones
Assistant Professor of History and Teacher Education
Bill Kuhn
V.P. Of Student Development/Campus Chaplain
Victoria Kyarsgaard
Professor of Nursing
Dawn Locklear
Department Chair/Professor of Mathematics
Tom McCracken
Director of Disability Services, and Associate Professor of Teacher Education
Scotti A. Moats
Associate Professor, Chair of Teacher Education Department
Timothy J. Morrison
Assistant Professor of Teacher Education
Glenn E. Myers
Professor of Church History + Theological Studies
Teresa G. Newby
Director of Nursing/Associate Professor
Denise Pederson
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Philip B. Petersen
Professor of Pastoral Leadership
Lynne Shenk
Associate Professor of Physical Science
Aeisha Thomas
Associate Professor of Biology/Life Science
Jonathan Vinson
Assistant Professor of Communication
Justin Winzenburg
Assistant Professor of New Testament and Greek
Jim Zapf
Associate Professer of Psychology + Counseling
Alexander Zell
Director and Assistant Professor
man in beige blazer holding tablet computer teaching christian college degrees


Adjunct Faculty

We have over 150 adjunct faculty members from all over the world, bringing a new level to your educational experience.

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They’re here to serve you

Sheryl Abbott
Student Financial Services Specialist
Josiah Bondy
Creative / Content Specialist
Bill Braunger
Head Track + Field Coach
Sarah Brennan
Admissions Counselor
Emily Cano
Director of Veterans/PSEO
Thomas Clapper
Marketing Manager
Amberle Danielson-Copeland
Curriculum Coordinator
Heath Davis
Recruitment Manager
Ryan Doheny
Head Baseball Coach/ Head Golf Coach
Cearra Dulaney
Assistant to the Athletic Director
Cheryl Fisk
Associate Dean/ College Registrar
Mitch Fisk
Director of Admissions
Paul Flagstad
Senior Director of Information Technology
Alyssa Gillette
Director of Financial Aid
Brandy Graef
Director of Programs EMTI
Gayle Grant
Data Manager
Luke Herbert
Head’s Men’s BB Coach/ Asst. Dr. Communication
Maggie Hess
Director of Graduate Enrollment
James Heu
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Pam Hoffmeyer
Records Specialist/ Veterans Certifying Official
Sophia Holland
Health Services Coordinator
Emily Honebrink
Executive Assistant to the President
Cara Horstman
Resident Director
Julie Howe
External Relations Manager
Peter Ingraham
Sports Information Director
Bill Johnson
Director of Counseling & Career Services
Ezra Johnson
Dean of Students
Loni Johnson
Administrative Assistant/VP Student Development
Moriah Keller
Admissions Counselor
Tamera Kempel
Recruitment Manager
Katelin Knust
Director of Educational Programs-Omaha
Mary Krupski
Communications Manager
Kimberely LaQuay
Associate Registrar
Katie Lemke
Accounting Unit Manager
Chet Leuthold
Systems Administrator
Amy Luesse
Director of Human Resources
Darin Mather
Associate Dean of Online Studies
Kathleen McBride
Public Services Manager
Dawn Mikesell
Senior Financial Technical Specialist
Deanna Munson
Technical Services Librarian, Asst. Director
Brad Nelson
Asso. Director SAS Admissions
David Nelson
Graphic Designer
Matt Newby
Director of Instructional Technology
Cheryl Owczarek
Receptionist/ Welcome Center Coordinator
Carole Peterson
Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs
Reis Pieper
Recruitment Manager-Omaha
Patty Pitts
Director of Institutional Persistence & Completion
Kelly Ripley
Admin. Asst/ Chaplain/ Dir. of Service Credit Program
Shawna Ritter
PSEO Coordinator
Jamie Ross
Director of Athletics
Brandon Schmidt
Systems and Applications Technician
Eric Shourds
Defensive Coordinator/ Head Tennis Coach
Inder Singh
Senior Admissions Counselor
Renee St. Aubin
Online Program Manager
Ron Straka
Kathy Sutherland
Senior Academic Advisor
Martha Swift
Dir. of Student Engagement
Ryan Synoground
Admissions Counselor
Stephen Thiessen
Digital Specialist
Sharie Thoelke
Operations Office Manager
Gary Thompson
Senior Accountant
Liz Venable
Director of Student Recruiting-Atlanta
Krystal Wiersma
Senior Academic Advisor
Becky Witmer
Financial Aid Counselor


International Workers in Residence

Meet Mark and Leah Long, Crown College’s International Workers in Residence.

They work alongside students who are interested in bringing their skills and passions out into the world.


If you’re interested to learn more about their work or to connect reach out to Mark or Leah at mark.long@crown.edu or longl@crown.edu 

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