Centennial Events

Expired: NCAA III Status: Aug 13-19

In 2008, Crown College Athletics became members of NCAA Division III! Learn More

Expired: Contract for St. Boni Campus: Aug 6-12

In 1969, the 'Miracle Campus' at St. Bonifacius was put under contract!Learn More

Expired: First Campus Move In: July 30-Aug 5

On August 1, 1917, the very first campus was finished enough for staff and faculty to start moving things in!Learn More

Expired: New Sign: July 23-29

In 2011, a generous gift from a donor allowed for the sign at the main entrance to be updated!Learn More

Expired: Music Tours: July 16-22

Music groups at Crown have a long history of using their talents to spread the Word of God (and let people know about the small, Christian college located in the Midwest!). Learn More

Expired: Fountain: July 9-15

The beautiful fountain that everyone sees on their way into campus may seem like it was always there, but it actually was installed in 1999 in memory of Rev. Russell Ferry.Learn More

Expired: 1935 Campus Move: July 2-8

In 1935, the school moved to a bigger campus that could accommodate 200 people!Learn More

Expired: Faculty Get Hired: Jun 25 – July 1

Crown College faculty usually have several things in common: a love for students, a passion for God, high academic standards, and a tendency to stay at Crown for a very long time!Learn More

Expired: Tannehill Reunion: June 18-24

In June of 1990, close to 100 alumni came together for a "Tannehill Reunion".Learn More

Expired: Accreditation: June 11-17

While the college had achieved accreditation in various forms or for specific departments for decades, 1980 saw a major milestone in that area. Learn More
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