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First Ever High-Altitude Balloon Launch at Crown College Encourages STEM Research

Capturing video and data from over 16 miles above the earth, Crown participates in a worldwide competition involving 291 teams from 47 countries

Crown College’s Ninety-Eighth Annual Commencement May 16

Crown College’s ninety-eighth annual Commencement ceremony will be held at Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie on Saturday, May 16 at 10:00 a.m.

Support the NEW Student Scholarship Challenge

In a recent chapel service, student leaders presented a challenge to fund a scholarship for Crown students in need of financial aid.

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Crown College offers a journey of academic excellence and spiritual transformation. As a Christ-centered community, we equip future leaders with the necessary skills and wisdom to serve and influence the world. With more than 40 accredited degree programs, international missions and honors programs, Crown College is committed to bringing scholarship to real-world experiences and Christian vision to your everyday life.

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