Welcome Week FAQ

Billing or Financial Aid

Office Contact: 

Bills, statements, payment options:  Student Billing Office at or 952-446-4126 

Financial Aid, scholarships, loans:  Financial Aid Office at or 952-446-4177 

  • Log into Our.Crown > Students > ‘Pay My Bill’ button > select ‘My Account Balances’
  • Select either ‘Make a Payment’ or ‘Course and Fee Statement
  • Log into Our.Crown > Students>Financial Services>View and Accept My Financial Aid

BY PHONE: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

BY MAIL: Checks

PAY ONLINE: (Instructions in “how to pay a bill”). Online we accept: Visa, MasterCard, Discover

IN-OFFICE: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express


All Financial Aid Documents must be completed:

  1. Complete FAFSA:
  2. Complete MPN for Undergraduates and Entrance Counseling:
  3. Accept Loans: Only Accepted financial aid will appear on your Course and Fee Statement. Submit all financial aid documents if you intend to cover your balance with financial aid. You can accept financial aid online on Crown, by clicking on the ‘Financial Services’ link on the left side of the screen.

Additional Loans:  For information concerning private loans visit FastChoiceLoanOptions to view our private loan comparison tool. Another resource is Parent Plus Loan, which is a government-sponsored loan at StudentAid.Gov.


Scholarships:  Create a profile with or BigFuture. These scholarship match programs will help your student sort through the millions of scholarships available.

If no housing and/or Meal Plan charges are on your Course and Fee Statement, AND a housing application, deposit and Health History Form have been submitted, continue monitoring your bill. The offices overseeing these charges have different timetables for processing fees. To monitor where you are in the process of admission, contact your Admissions Counselor. If you need an estimation of dorm and Meal Plan charges, contact Student Billing.

Students always have access to their academic and financial information by logging into Our.Crown. For parents, according to Federal law, unless a student gives Crown permission to share academic or financial information with a parent or guardian, the College will only discuss that information with the student (regardless of age). When registering for classes, students have the option to designate FERPA Permissions (academic, financial or both) for specifically named people. In addition, a student can request an Our.Crown account for a parent or guardian using the Permissions tab in Our.Crown.


Classes or Schedules

Office Contact: Registrar’s Office at or 952-446-4450 

Yes, schedule changes can be made through the closing day of registration. Seek assistance from your Academic Advisor or the Registrar’s Office. For a limited time after the closing day of registration, students can still withdraw from a class with a “W” grade which does not affect their GPA but may have financial aid implications so speak with Financial Aid and Student Billing before making a change. The academic calendar lists the deadlines for registration and withdrawals (

Email the Registrar’s Office to request an enrollment verification letter. In addition, students can access a grade report on Our.Crown > Students > Registration. The printer-friendly version includes the college logo so can be used for student discounts for insurance or for other enrollment verification purposes.  

Email the Registrar’s Office and the transfer credit specialist can assist you. or 952-446-4450 

The academic calendar and the full campus activities calendar are available at 


The campus is closed for Christmas and Spring Break so students cannot stay on campus. If they need to travel, please make travel arrangements accordingly. Campus remains open Fall, Thanksgiving and Easter Breaks. However, food service is limited or not available during these times.   

Life on Campus

Office Contact: 

Parking permits, Meal Plans:  Operations Office at or 952-446-4132 

Housing, Residence Life:  Student Development at or 952-446-4162 

  • Make sure the Check-In process has been completed.
  • Has the Mobile Access app and/or the Crown Connect app been downloaded on your smartphone? These two apps are required. If you don’t have a smartphone, visit the IT Helpdesk located on the 1st floor of Main, Room S103 (South of the elevator).
  • Fitness Center: Fill out the Fitness Waiver located on Our.Crown > Students > Campus Life > Life Fitness Center and Weight Room Waiver.  Click on “To complete this form please click here.” Be sure to put your correct birth year.
  • Weight Room: To have access to the Weight Room you must attend a one-time training session. Watch your student email for campus announcements which will inform you when training sessions will be held.

Yes, residential students are required to be on a Meal Plan. The costs for the various Meal Plans are located on the Crown website. Freshmen are required to have the 15-meal plan. Commuters can select a Meal Plan but are not required to do so.

Learn about the cost >

Flex Money  Money included with select Meal Plans which can be used in the Dining Center, Student Center, and Sherburne Ave. Coffee Shop. Once used, it cannot be replenished. Money left at the end of the fall semester will roll over to the spring semester providing a Meal Plan is purchased for the spring semester. Funds not used by the end of the academic year will not roll over to the next year and will be lost.   


Crown Cash  Money students load on their ID card via credit card or cash. These funds can be used in the Dining Center, Student Center, and Sherburne Ave. Coffee Shop. Sodexo, Crown’s food service provider, occasionally has special offers which provide a certain number of free meals in the Dining Center if a designated amount of Crown Cash is added to their ID. Crown Cash can be added to their ID at any time by visiting the register in Sherburne Ave. Coffee Shop. 

It takes time to settle in and become comfortable with community living and become familiar with a new place and a new routine. Be patient, Make an effort to know your roommates and other students on your floor, in your residence hall, on your team, or in your classroom. For any questions, assistance, or support, students should speak to their Resident Assistant (RA) or their Resident Director (RD).  

If a roommate issue arises, speak openly, honestly and kindly with each other. If roommate issues persist, our Residence Life program has a process where reconciliation and communication is encouraged between roommates. Staff is available to assist students in resolving differences by following Biblical principles and encouraging personal growth. This may take time, so be patient. It may appear nothing is happening, but personal growth and resolution can be a slow process. 

If there is an issue with the room or facility, the situation can be evaluated between Facilities Management Services (FMS) and the Student Development office. Again, the first line of communication is between students and their Resident Assistant or Resident Director.  

  • Go to Our.Crown > Students > Campus Life > Vehicle Registration. You will need a license plate number to register. September 2, 2022, is the deadline for having an active, current permit on your vehicle.
  • Students must park in the parking lot for which they registered, including during visitation hours. The only exception is the Athletic Lot, which is a designated overflow lot.
  • After submitting the parking permit request, students will receive an email informing them their parking permit is ready and where to pick it up. For parking questions, contact the Operations office in W216 ( or 952-446-4132).
  • Parking permits are valid for the entire academic year.

Yes! All student, staff, and faculty vehicles parking on-campus need to be registered. 

  • Go to Our.Crown > Students > Campus Life > Vehicle Registration. You will need a license plate number to register.
  • All vehicles need a valid parking permit visible on the rear-view mirror by September 3, 2021
  • Students can only park in their designated parking lot.
  • After submitting the parking permit request, students will receive an email informing them their parking permit is ready and where to pick it up. For parking questions, contact the Operations office located in the Front Lobby, N210 ( or 952-446-4132).
  • Parking permits must be renewed each semester.

Laundry facilities are available in each residence hall. Upon arrival on campus, new students are given a complimentary laundry card. The card works like a debit card and can be loaded at kiosks located in the Athletic Lobby, Faith Village 200 and 500 laundry rooms, Strohm laundry room, or online at the website noted on the back of your laundry card. If you experience any issues or problems with your card or any of the machines, use the phone number or website listed on the back of your card or visit the FMS (Facility Management Services) office located on the First Level, Room S168.

There is no need to include Residence Hall when sending mail to a student at Crown. Address mail and packages to:


Student First + Last name

8700 College View Dr

St. Bonifacius, MN 55375


If the box number is unknown, mail will still be delivered to the student.

On-Campus Technology

Office Contact: Information Technology (IT): or 952-446-4357

If there are issues or questions regarding a Crown email account, visit the IT (Information Technology) office located on the First Level, Room S103.

Yes, Microsoft Office is available for free to students. Instructions to install Microsoft Office are found on Our.Crown > Help Desk.  Also, students can use the Microsoft Office online version in a web browser without having to install Microsoft Office at

Please review the latest computer requirements at Our.Crown > Help Desk under “Minimum Technical Requirements for Students” section. In short, most Apple or Windows computers that support a recent MacOS version, Windows 10, or Windows 11 will work. Consider the major being pursued and interests, such as gaming, etc. The cheapest computers may last a season at best. Usually, buying something in the middle of the market price range or higher is better. Desktop computers are available for students in the 1st floor computer lab and the Library labs – subject to availability.

More questions?  

Chat with a Resident Assistant (RA), Resident Director (RD), or come to the Student Development Office (Room E201) for assistance.