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Students and faculty at Crown College have taken the initiative to use their talents, ideas, and leadership skills to craft the Content Marketing Team into what it is today. The hands-on experience that content marketing gives students with videography, photography, podcasting, graphic design, social media, and writing, is unique and invaluable. Students have the option to apply for internships, volunteer positions, or job positions on the team. Through the efforts of the team members, social media alone has grown over 500% for Crown’s marketing. Content Marketing produced 53 new videos, 45 articles, and covered 33 events in the past school year alone.

The goal of the Content Marketing team is to promote content that is relevant and provide a consistent message regarding Crown College. Team members work together to inform prospective students and their families with school activities and to illuminate Crown’s mission to build Christian leaders. In addition to reaching out to prospective students, the Content Marketing Team strives to keep current students, faculty, alumni, and other friends informed with the latest news of Crown College. With the development of new ways to present content and the recent expansion of the team, the Content Marketing Team strives to share the story of Crown with the world.

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