Crown College Guide to Christian Service

Christian Service Requirements

Each student who earns a degree or certificate from Crown College must complete the Christian Service requirements to graduate.  Only one credit may be earned per semester, except in the case of approved intercultural experiences, which may be scheduled more infrequently.  Christian Service credits may also be earned during the summer with a maximum of one credit per summer.

Students may earn up to two Christian Service credits in any one division.  The five divisions are: 1) Evangelistic Ministries, 2) Church-related Ministries, 3) Intercultural Ministries, 4) Community Ministries, 5) Departmental Units.  

The number of required Christian Service credits is based on the particular degree or certificate a student is earning:

  • Certificate: 1 credit required
  • Associate's Degree: 2 credits required
  • Bachelor's Degree: 4 credits required

The number of required Christian Service credits may be adjusted for transfer students according to the number of transfer academic credits applied toward their degree or certificate:

Transfer Credits Applied

  • 0-23 Credits: 4 credits required
  • 24-53 Credits: 3 credits required
  • 54-89 Credits: 2 credits required
  • 90+ Credits: 1 credit required

Christian Service credit from other Bible or Christian colleges will not transfer.


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Specific Requirements

  1. Every student must complete at least one church-related credit.
  2. Students may complete up to two departmental credits, depending on the requirement set by each department for a particular area of study.  These credits are coordinated and supervised by the academic departments and are integrated into the curriculum as part of the course work for some majors.  A student must receive at least a C- in the course to receive Christian Service credit.  Students should check with their department to determine how many Christian Service credits (0-2) are required in order plan accordingly throughout their program.
  3. Students who participate in an approved intercultural experience with at least five or more full days of ministry (excluding travel) are eligible to receive one Christian Service credit.
  4. Remaining Christian Service credits may be earned through the evangelistic, church-related, intercultural, or community service divisions.

Only one credit may be earned per semester or summer, unless approved by the Christian Service Director.  No single experience will count as more than one Christian Service credit.

Christian Service Grades

Upon receipt of all completed forms, and based upon the student's and supervisor's evaluations that the student was faithful to follow through with the service experience, a Christian Service credit is awarded.  Grades given are C (Commendable), S (Satisfactory), or U (Unsatisfactory).  These grades are recorded on a Christian Service record.  Those students receiving a U (Unsatisfactory) grade will not be given Christian Service credit.  Students are welcome to review their record with the Director.

The Christian Service Program, as part of the academic program at Crown College, exists to provide opportunities for students to serve God and to minister to the needs of others.  It is the desire of Crown College, that following their education, students be ready to serve the communities to which they belong by serving in the greater Crown community during their educational years while being formed to the image of Christ, to the glory of God.  It is the student's individual responsibility to serve with their God- given talents and abilities in fulfilling this requirement. 

"If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ.  To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen."  1 Peter 4:11

"It is your spiritual act of worship."  Romans 12:1-2

"...but in humility, consider others better than themselves."  Philippians 2:3-4

General Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all Christian Service credits except those that are coordinated through academic departments.

  1. Christian Service assignments require approval by the Director by submitting the Service Contract form.  Assignments begin by the fourth Friday of the semester and continue through the last class day of the semester.
  2. Christian Service assignments should involve two to four hours of preparation and service per week or at least 28 hours a semester/experience to receive one Christian Service credit.  Transportation time cannot be included in the service hours submitted for Christian Service.
  3. Assignments with compensation, other than for covering expenses such as lodging, gas, materials, etc., will not be counted for Christian Service credit.
  4. The experience must contribute to the development of vocational and/or ministry skills through direct contact with people.
  5. Adequate on-site supervision will be necessary.  The student and the supervisor will evaluate Christian Service assignments at the end of the service period.  All evaluations and paperwork must be submitted by six weeks into the semester following the service period or Christian Service credit will not be granted.  Students are responsible for calling Supervisors and ensuring that their evaluations reach the Christian Service Office on time.
  6. Christian Service assignments should improve and develop new ministry and leadership skills, to utilize individual gifts and parallel career goals, to integrate academic study with practical experience and service, and to meet community needs and serve others.  
  7. Students must complete 2 Christian Service credits to be accepted into a department.  Acceptance into a department is a graduation requirement that occurs in the transition between the sophomore and junior year to ensure that you are on the right track to graduate.