Sharing the Gospel: Scorpions, Stethoscopes, and Studying English

By Alyssa Kranz

It’s 1:00 am on a Thursday. You’ve just completed another year at Crown College and you find yourself in a panic. You can’t sleep. You’re excited, slightly scared, definitely a little anxious, and really needing some sleep because you’re boarding a plane in a few hours!

You’ve just spent the last few months learning about a foreign land, and now you’re boarding a plane there. You are packed and ready to go but only one thing fills your mind: “What did I forget?”

Sunscreen? Check.
Bible? Check.
Snacks? Check.
Toothbrush? Whoops! Better grab that.

Each year, many of our students at Crown feel these exact emotions. They signed up for one of the various mission trips offered through our Destination:Serve program and the day is finally here. They’re ready to leave with their teams and learn why God called them to each location.

This year, over 30 students will embark on a journey that could change their lives. Read more to find out where they’re going.

May Trips


Imagine learning about something in class, and then being able to go to that country to experience it for yourself. The Berlin, Germany team gets to do just that! Anna Kragt, a junior at Crown College, is the team lead for Crown’s first Destination:Learn trip (May 13 -24), connected with the course Conflict, Peace, and Development. Students enrolled in the class learn how to analyze the root of conflict in various situations, as well as effective ways to peacemaking. Students will have the opportunity to learn about international conflict and peacemaking by walking through the historical sites in Germany. From the remains of the Berlin Wall to the present day refugee crisis, students will also learn about culture from other people’s perspectives.


Teaching English is one of the most effective ways to share the Gospel. People want to learn English as it is the most commonly spoken language in the world, and it is a great way to start spiritual conversations. Simon Thao, a junior Intercultural Youth Development major, will lead a team of nine students from May 21 to June 3 to Bangkok, Thailand. Students will work with a local C&MA international worker and teach English and the Gospel to a group of children. The team will spend time with students their own age at the local college and share the love of Jesus. Throughout their trip, the team will participate in projects to help the community and local church.


For Crown’s Nursing students, helping others and providing relief is an integral part of their motivation to pursuing their degrees. At the end of May, Nursing students have the opportunity to learn and serve at Fort Peck, an Indian Reservation in Montana. The reservation is 110 miles long and 40 miles wide, with an estimated 10,000 tribal members. Joined by one of their professors and five fellow students, junior Nursing student Marissa Ruf will lead the trip. While in Montana, the team will spend time volunteering at an adult correctional facility, work alongside a nurse in home-healthcare, and volunteer at various clinics on the reservation. Students will use their knowledge gained from classes to visit a classroom and teach about health education to local children.

June Trips


Although Paris is home to thousands of cathedrals and churches, only 1% of the population recognizes Jesus as their personal savior. Blade Porterfield, team leader and a junior Pastoral Ministry major, and 9 other students are partnering with the Envision site in Paris, France from June 7 to June 17. The team’s ministry will focus on working in the local churches and coffee shops to spread the name of Jesus. Students will hold workshops to teach English, pray for the people of France, and seek opportunities to serve the people around them.

Somewhere Abroad

Using scorpions to connect with people? Who would have thought! Derek Patz, a senior Pastoral Ministry major, is leading a team to a region of the world where summer is also known as “scorpion season.” In this region, some scorpion species produce venoms that are, ounce-for-ounce, 25 times more lethal than king cobra venom. The purpose of their trip is to provide helpful information to the locals about preventative measures they can take to keep safe. The team will conduct surveys that they hope will provide a positive outcome.

July Trip


Every so often, Crown sends teams to locations they’ve been to in the past. It’s an incredible way to continue building friendships made in previous years. This year, a small group of Video and Film Production students have the opportunity to go back to a creative access country in Europe to do some filming for the local workers. They will travel all over the country and stay in hostels to gather footage for promotional videos. The team is excited to continue growing relationships built last summer. This trip is unique because it is only open to Communication Studies students, which will give them plenty of practical filmmaking experience.

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