San Francisco 49ers Strength Training Coach Holds Skype Call with Exercise Science Class

San Francisco 49ers Strength Training Coach Holds Skype Call with Exercise Science Class

Dustin Perry is not a quarterback or wide receiver, but he does have an interesting job in the NFL. As a strength trainer, he works with some of the most elite athletes in the world.

During a Training Theory and Analytics class at Crown College over a Skype call, Perry explained how he found his calling and now works as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the San Francisco 49ers. “It’s all to God’s glory that I even have this platform now,” he told the class.

Perry is a University of Minnesota graduate, and he first met current Crown professor Dr. Stacy Ingraham when she was at the University. The two stayed in contact over the years as Perry earned his master’s degree, became a Graduate Assistant, and landed his current role.

“Our students in the Exercise Science program need a different perspective than just mine,” says Dr. Ingraham. “What better perspective than of someone who is working in the field at the highest level? This was an amazing opportunity for our students.”

According to student Jade-John Friederick, who attended the Skype session, the experience was eye-opening. He was able to talk to a top-tier strength training coach, ask questions, and find out about the perseverance and dedication required to reach the NFL.

“As an Exercise Science student, I learned the importance of adaptability and to maintain an athlete’s fitness level throughout the season,” says Friederick. “Being willing to ‘do’ and not ‘wait’ is one of the lessons I caught from Dustin during the class. You have to be willing to go out on a limb and try new things, and be open to building relationships with others.”

That networking and perseverance also made an impression on Tanner Pruett, another student in the class. “It was helpful as a student because, hearing his story, I was able to understand the importance of going out of your way to make connections in your field of work,” he says. “You never know when that relationship could turn into something big in your career.”

Dr. Ingraham says exposing students to see how the progression works in the field is important. Perry started as a middle school and high school coach, then worked as a Big Ten coach, and is now in the NFL. He also explained how strength training has to be flexible, and that there is no one program that works well for all athletes, even in professional sports.

“Dustin is so well-read and has amazing critical thinking skills that, though he is a football guy, he can train athletes in various sports with a track coach’s mind,” says Dr. Ingraham.

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