Future On-Campus Student

April 8, 10:00am: FAQ For Students (UPDATED)

COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) FAQ for Students We recognize that during this uncertain time, people may experience grief and lamenting due to the absence from being together on campus.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we continue to determine the best course of action for the health of students, staff, and faculty.  Even though we do

March 18, 4:00pm: Student Check Out Procedure

Dear Students, Our hearts ache with you as we transition from the traditional undergraduate experience to virtual learning environment. This transition will be a time of challenge, grieving and hopefully growth. Please keep in mind that while we may be “isolated,” we are still going through this historic time together. God is still upon His

March 17, 5:30pm: Update From the President

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff and Parents:   The pace of the nation’s response to curb the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is escalating dramatically. Specifically, the CDC has issued its recommendation to limit gatherings to no more than 50 persons for the next 8 weeks. Some States (though not Minnesota at this time) have moved