After deposit FAQs

Submit your $150 deposit to secure your spot.


You can find out the steps on our Deposit page.

Richardson and Strohm halls are available for first-year female students. Main hall is available for male students.

Transfers may live in any residence hall. We try to place transfer students in similar class level housing.

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All undergraduate students residing on campus are required to participate in one of the four food service meal plans. Please visit our food services plans and guidelines page for complete details.

We have all the current steps before you can come to Crown. You can complete most of them on our student portal: Our.Crown

You can find all the steps here:

The New Student Orientation Day (NSOD) is a chance for you to get registered for classes as well as get familiar with Crown as a whole. You can register online at: Our.Crown

Mail is delivered to the Main building where each student is assigned a mailbox.

The following mailing address should be used:

Your Name
Campus Box (box # assigned during registration)
8700 College View Drive
St. Bonifacius, MN 55375

Welcome Week is the chance for your child to join the Crown community, build friendships, and prepare for school. You can find the full details on our Welcome Week page.

Our closest airport is the Minneapolis + St. Paul airport (MSP). It is just 40 minutes from campus!

Early Arriving students are those students required by departments of the college to arrive on campus prior to Welcome Week, for new students. Early arrival reasons include involvement in college-sponsored programs, including international students, student-athletes, student teachers, student leadership, and student workers.

Crown students automatically have access to Cengage Unlimited at no additional cost. Because of this, most books will be covered for Crown students, saving an average of $1,240 per year on course materials. Certain classes may require non-Cengage materials that will be an additional cost to the student.

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What should I bring?

  • Personal décor to spice up your dorm.
  • Loads of blankets and pillows — to keep you comfy.
  • Bedsheets (Twin XL) and a mattress pad, to ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • Winter clothes. Seriously, Minnesota gets chilly! So grab a parka and some boots.
  • Alarm clock (or alarm clock app — really anything so you aren’t late for class).
  • Cleaning supplies — to keep your place neat and tidy.
  • Clothes hangers — to keep you looking good.
  • Wastebasket.
  • Laundry detergents and baskets.
  • Shower curtain (unless you live in Main).
  • Towels and washcloths.
  • Laptop. (If you don’t have a laptop, computers are available on campus during most business hours.)

What could I bring?

  • Mini-Fridge (4.3 cu.ft. or less) — to keep the energy drinks cold. (Refrigerators are provided in Weldin, Tewinkel, and Faith Village.)
  • Swimwear, to tour Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.
  • Power strip, to plug in all your gadgets.
  • Desk/floor lamp — in case you want a bit more ambiance.
  • Desk supplies (organizer, stapler, scissors, ruler, calculator, pens, etc.).
  • Snacks (just don’t eat them all the first night).
  • Board games and cards, for roommate bonding time.
  • Raincoat and/or umbrella, in case of unexpected precipitation.

What should I NOT bring?

  • Candles, or pretty much anything that has an open flame (we prefer our buildings to not be on fire).
  • Halogen lamps (still don’t want our buildings on fire).
  • Appliances with open heating elements (toasters, hot plates, space heaters, etc. — still don’t want our buildings on fire).
  • Weapons of any kind, including airsoft and paintball gear.
  • Pets, unless it’s a fish (fish are friends, not food).
  • Fireworks of any kind (pretty much anything that explodes).