Master of Divinity Career Paths

Degree details

A Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree helps develop the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively understand and proclaim (communicate) the Word of God.  Taught by faculty with practical ministry experience and a desire to equip others for the ministry, students in the MDiv program will explore the history of Christianity, theology and doctrines, the biblical languages of Scripture, practical ministry strategies, and the disciplines essential to spiritual growth.  Our goal is to graduate students who accurately and effectively communicate the gospel.

What it emphasizes

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree emphasizes the understanding of Scripture in its context as well as its contemporary applications.  Students will have opportunity to develop communication skills appropriate for preaching, teaching and counseling.  Throughout the program, students will not only develop a deeper understanding of Scripture but also be transformed by their studies, projects, and faculty mentors.

Types of opportunities where this degree might be used

Jobs with a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree are most often oriented toward ministry or education. Church staff positions include senior pastor, associate pastor, and executive pastor.  Outside of the church, jobs for MDiv graduates include chaplaincy, counseling, religious education, Christian higher ed (college/university), missions, and various non-profit and para-church ministries.

What you need to pursue this degree

Those applying for entrance into this program will be required to have a completed bachelor degree in any subject.

Interesting facts

  • Crown faculty in our graduate programs have earned doctoral degrees and actively serve as practitioner-scholars in a variety of church and non-profit ministry contexts.
  • Crown’s M.Div. seeks to provide an innovative curriculum while retaining a commitment to a study of the original languages, etc.
  • Our program is designed for both men and women who seek to serve in variety of religious leadership roles.