Church Development FAQ

The FAQs provided below address many questions you might have regarding the online master’s degree Global Leadership (MA) with a Church Development concentration from Crown College. Feel free to contact your admissions advisor directly for any additional questions you might have.

What areas are covered by a Church Development concentration?

Topics in this concentration will deal with the various challenges faced in missions and outreach as well as the principles and strategies that may be implemented to foster the work’s success.  Students will study current events in missions, the team dynamics that impact faith-based works conducted overseas, communications in the context of a foreign or multi-ethnic environment, and strategies for growth based on biblical principles and current best practices.

What classes would this program include?

Some of the courses students may select from in this emphasis include:

  • Contemporary Issues in Missions
  • Intercultural Team Building
  • World Church Growth Principles and Strategies
  • Intercultural Communication

How long does it take to complete the degree?

Most students complete the program in two years.  This can be done by taking one 7-week class at a time over the two year time period.

How often do I have to be on campus?

The Master’s degree in Global Leadership Studies with a concentration in Church Development is 100% online and has no requirement for you to travel to campus for any aspect of the program.  Although it is a fully online degree program, you will have a dedicated advisor who will provide academic support, guidance and advice throughout the program.  You will also have direct access to each of your instructors and will be able to reach them via phone or email.

While not required, we do hope you will join us on-site for your graduation!  We host several special events for our online students and their families at our main campus in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota the day before graduation.  The actual commencement service is held on a Saturday.

What jobs can I get with this degree?

Students who pursue the Church Development concentration might pursue roles in:

  • Missions Organizations
  • Church Planting
  • Intercultural Ministry
  • Parachurch Ministries

Do I need to be a pastor or missionary already to complete this program?

No, although some familiarity with ministry as a career path will certainly help for this particular major.

Can I transfer into the Global Leadership (MA) program if I’m still working on my bachelor’s degree?

Students are required to have a bachelor’s degree in order to start the program.