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Graduate Certificate Programs

Crown College provides an affordable professional development option through our Graduate Certificate Programs.  Students enrolled in these programs benefit from short, 7-week online courses and access to the same outstanding faculty teaching in our Master’s degrees.

Program distinctives:

  • Four course (12 credit) graduate certificates that can be earned with less than a year of part-time study.
  • Affordable pricing.  Under $4000 for the whole program.*
  • Convenient online courses designed for the schedules of working adults.
  • Engaging instructors who have experience in their fields of study.
  • Coursework that is applicable to your work context.

Crown Graduate Certificates are designed especially for:

  • Professionals with experience in their field who need advanced training or credentialing.
  • Leaders who have a Master’s degree in another field, but want to do more focused studies that are more directly applicable to their work.
  • Learners who want to try graduate work without committing to a full 36 hour Master’s degree program.  (Graduate Certificates can transfer into several of Crown’s Master’s degree programs for those who want to continue.)

*Tuition only. Does not include books and fees.  Students in certificate programs are not eligible for federal or state financial aid.

Graduate Certificate in Disaster and Emergency Management:

The Graduate Certificate in Disaster and Emergency Management is designed to help students:

  • Successfully lead organizations in domestic and international contexts
  • Learn effective leadership strategies for each phase in the disaster management cycle
  • Enhance skills in areas such as emergency preparedness, operations management and interagency coordination
  • Develop the skills needed to effectively serve victims of disaster

Certificate Courses (12 credits)

  1.      DEM 5202: Disaster Management Leadership and Planning—3 credits
  2.      DEM 55xx Disaster Management Applied Practicum—3 credits

Choose 2 from the following:

  1.   DEM 5010 Public Policy for Emergency Management—3 credits
  2.   DEM 5012 Community Emergency Preparedness—3 credits
  3.   DEM 5014 Emergency Operations Management—3 credits
  4.   DEM 5018 Hazards Mitigation—3 credits
  5.   DEM 5020 Disaster Relief and Redevelopment—3 credits

The Graduate Certificate in Community Development is designed to help students:

  • Gain skills in community development and community organizing
  • Learn to empower individuals and revitalize communities
  • Successfully lead community development organizations in domestic and international contexts
  • Effectively implement community development initiatives in multicultural contexts

Certificate Courses (12 credits)

  1. INT 5520: Foundations in Principles of Holistic Ministry
  2. INT 5521: Methods of Community Organizing and Community Development
  3. INT 5522: Contemporary Issues in Community Development

Choose from:

  1. GRD 5310: Program Planning and Evaluation
  2. or

  3. DEM 5020: Disaster Relief and Redevelopment
  • Tuition

    For a list of the current tuition and fees, please click here.

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