Global Leadership, Nonprofit Leadership Emphasis (M.A.)

Global Leadership, Nonprofit Leadership Emphasis (M.A.)

Degree details

The Non-Profit Leadership concentration within the M.A. in Global Leadership degree program prepares you for leadership roles in domestic and international organizations that work in their communities to provide social services, ministries and social change initiatives.  In addition to receiving training in leadership, communication and strategic planning, you will be able to take courses in non-profit law, marketing, fundraising and financial management.

What it emphasizes

Students graduating with a Non-Profit Leadership concentration will develop skills in strategic problem solving, developing staff, leading projects, aligning resources with mission, and improving an organization’s efficiency. You will learn to integrate your compassion and desire to serve others with solid strategy and practical management tools.  Each course in the program is taught from a Christian perspective with an emphasis on integrating faith with leadership and service.

What you need to pursue this degree

Those seeking a enroll in Crown’s M.A. in Global Leadership degree with the Non-Profit Leadership concentration will need a bachelor’s degree in any major. Many students who pursue jobs with a Non-Profit Leadership concentration are seeking to change careers or advance in their current profession and require additional training.


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  • Courses

    Non-Profit Leadership Emphasis Courses

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  • Careers

    Opportunities to use this degree

    The types of careers that a graduate with a Non-Profit Leadership concentration could pursue include opportunities in social service organization, churches, missions agencies, parachurch ministries, advocacy groups, and associations. You might also pursue a role as a Non-Profit Director or a consultant working in the United States or abroad.

  • FAQS

    The FAQs provided below address many questions you might have regarding a Master of Arts in Global Leadership degree from Crown College with a concentration in Non-Profit Leadership. Feel free to contact your admissions advisor directly for any additional questions you might have.

    What areas are covered by the M.A. in Global Leadership with Non-Profit concentration program? The core courses in the M.A. in Global Leadership include classes in organizational communication, strategic planning, and the theoretical and spiritual foundations for leadership.  Students will also develop research skills, which will help them advance the knowledge in the field and/or evaluate the effectiveness of nonprofit organization and the programs that they operate. Students in the non-profit concentration can take courses in marketing, fundraising, finance law and organizational behavior. The degree program is designed to prepare you to effectively lead in the non-profit sector.

    How long does it take to complete the program? Most students complete the program in two years.  This can be done by taking one 7-week class at a time over the two year time period.

    How often do I have to be on campus? The Master’s degree in Global Leadership with a concentration in Non-profit Leadership is 100% online and has no requirement for you to travel to campus for any aspect of the program.  Although it is a fully online degree program, you will have a dedicated advisor who will provide academic support, guidance and advice throughout the program.  You will also have direct access to each of your instructors and will be able to reach them via phone or email. While not required, we do hope you will join us on-site for your graduation!  We host several special events for our online students and their families at our main campus in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota the day before graduation.  The actual commencement service is held on a Saturday.

    What classes would a Non-profit Leadership Concentration student take? A sample of the required electives for the core of a Non-profit Leadership Concentration include:

    • Non-Profit Law
    • Marketing for Non-profits
    • Fundraising and Philanthropy
    • Financial Management for the Non-profit
    • Organizational Behavior

    The full list of courses can be found on the degree program page.

    What jobs can I get with a Non-Profit Leadership Concentration degree? A graduate of the M.A. in Global Leadership program with a Non-Profit Leadership concentration will have the skills and experience to excel in a wide variety of positions often at a manager, director, or vice president level. Some examples might include:

    • Non-profit CEO
    • Social Services Director
    • Missions Executive
    • Parachurch Leader
    • Relief and Development Organization Leader
    • Non-profit consultant for Missions
    • Marketing Director
    • Communications Director
    • Strategic Planning Director

    Are there additional degree specializations within the concentration? Non-Profit Leadership is a concentration of the Master of Arts in Global Leadership degree program and in addition to the Non-Profit classes the student would also take the core classes for the M.A. in Global Leadership as required by Crown College for this degree.  A full description of the degree program can be found on the degree program page.

    Do I need to be already employed by a non-profit organization in order to complete this program? No, you just need a strong interest in serving the non-profit sector. Familiarity with a non-profit is always helpful and that might include work with a church, parachurch, or other philanthropic organization. Even experience as a volunteer with a non-profit can provide context to better appreciate the goals of this degree.

    Can I transfer into the Non-Profit Concentration program if I’m still working on my bachelor’s degree? Students are required to have a bachelor’s degree before they start the program.

    Did you know? “Over 1.4 million non-profit organizations are registered with the IRS with combined contribution to the United States economy of 887.3 billion dollars.” according to