Counseling Career Paths

Degree Details

The online Master of Arts in Counseling degree from Crown prepares students to serve as licensed counselors or as lay counselors within a ministry setting. This degree prepares the student for the Minnesota state LPC licensure exam. Prospective students should consult their state licensing board web site for questions relating to non-Minnesota licenses. Prospective students may also call and speak with the program director regarding licensure questions. A licensed counselor provides mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual health assistance to people in need.

What It Emphasizes

This program emphasizes an integration of a Biblical and Christian worldview into the profession of counseling. The complexity of humans from a relational, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect will be studied. The student will learn relationship-building techniques and problem solving approaches. The program is also designed to meet all licensure requirements of the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy.

Types of opportunities where this degree might be used

With licensure, students graduating with this degree will be qualified to work in private practice or within a mental health organization. With its emphasis on cross cultural and diversity issues, the counseling degree will also equip students who would prefer to work in church ministry, health and welfare ministry, or in overseas mission.

What you need to pursue this online degree

The online program provides flexibility for busy schedules, however the Counseling MA is a rigorous program. 60 hours of online study is a standard requirement along with a 700 hour internship experience as required by Minnesota LPC licensure standards.  The internship requirement is most typically fulfilled in a facility near the home of the student. Crown will assist the student in finding a proper placement for their internship.

Interesting facts

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 31% increase from 2012-2022 for trained licensed counselors. The need for marriage and family counselors will rise to 31%; 29% for rehab counselors and mental health counselors.

Crown faculty are highly prepared through both education and experience as professionals in the counseling field. Students should expect to be able to learn not only from textbooks, but from case studies from their faculty members.

Crown is excited to have an elective course in Equine Assisted Therapy where students will learn about this new and beneficial methodology of using horses in the therapeutic process. This will be a “hands-on” process, so make sure to wear your jeans and boots!

Crown has an undergraduate degree in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. Those who have graduated with that minor/major (from Crown or elsewhere) may consider combining their ADC internship requirements with their Master’s requirements. Students should speak with their advisor or the program director if this is of interest to them.