Counseling MA

Online Graduate Degree in Counseling (M.A.)


Whether one’s goal is to become a licensed professional counselor or a lay counselor in ministry, Crown’s 60-credit hour online Masters Degree in Counseling is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to effectively help people in need. This degree satisfies the academic requirements for licensure as a professional counselor in the state of Minnesota, as well as many other states. This degree is offered primarily online, with a four-day residency on the beautiful Crown campus in May each year. The integration of a Christian worldview into the profession of counseling is emphasized throughout the program.

The online Master’s in Counseling will prepare students for the MN state LPCC licensure exam. Coursework satisfies the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy’s requirements in each area of counselor development. Additionally, a structured 700 hour internship experience, as required by MN LPCC licensure requirements, is built into the program, enabling students to practice their skills under close supervision prior to entering the field officially. Before enrolling in this program students should consult the rules and regulations regarding Professional Licensed Counseling for the particular state that they wish to practice in, to ensure that the program fulfills the requirements of their state.

Faculty with the highest academic degrees, and significant counseling experience, lead the online courses and brief residencies. The coursework includes multi-modal educational components, collaborative activities, and mock counseling opportunities that mirror real-life situations. By interacting with peers and faculty within Crown’s online environment, students acquire counseling knowledge and skills that are critical to professional success.

The online Master’s Degree in Counseling reflects Crown’s academic integrity as one of the “Top 10 Online Christian Colleges.” Crown’s easy-to-use online learning environment allows students the freedom and flexibility to complete coursework at their convenience. Students will graduate with counseling skills that have immediate application in their current and future professional endeavors.

Crown’s tuition is priced competitively lower than similar accredited institutions. In fact, 98 percent of Crown’s students receive student loans, scholarships or financial aid for graduate students.

Crown was recently ranked as one of the top online counseling programs by


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  • Courses

    Counseling (M.A.) Courses

    Total - 60 Credits

    *COU electives vary by semester. Students should consult an advisor about when the COU elective course options will be offered.

    Students with an Alcohol and Drug Counseling Emphasis  will take 9 credits of ADC-specific coursework as part of their 12 credits of electives.

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  • Tuition

    Graduate School (GS) Tuition

    Online Graduate 2020-2021 Costs

    Tuition Per Credit (except MBA Program) $555
    MBA Program Tuition Per Credit $575
    Application Fee $25
    Technology Fee $140 per semester

    Check Course Catalog for any additional fees related to your specific program.

  • Careers

    The online M.A. in Counseling program provides graduates with an understanding of the complexity and multifaceted nature of the helping relationship. It also helps graduates recognize and appreciate diversity and embrace a cross-cultural approach to counseling. Graduates of this program will be able to work in a variety of settings, including the following:

    • Counseling centers
    • Church ministries
    • Health and welfare ministries
    • Hospital programs
    • Mental health agencies
    • Parachurch ministries
    • Private practices
  • FAQS

    The FAQs provided below address many questions you might have regarding the online master’s degree in Counseling from Crown. Feel free to contact your admissions advisor directly for any additional questions you might have.

    What areas are covered by a Counseling M.A. degree?

    A Counseling M.A. covers many complex areas in order to prepare students to help future clients with complicated issues. Some areas covered online will be Addictions and Substance Abuse, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling. The 700 hours of internship provides both mentoring and practical field experience.

    What classes does this program include?

    Some of the classes required for this degree:

    • Theories and Practices of Counseling
    • Multicultural Counseling
    • Group Process and Treatment
    • Counseling Skills, Methods, and Techniques
    • Orientation to Counseling and Integration of Christian Worldview

    How long does it take to complete the degree?

    Students who complete the program as outlined in Crown’s course plan will finish their coursework in four semesters followed by a one or two semester internship, depending on the student’s schedule and the internship site’s available hours. Other than students who transfer in credits, the typical student will complete their degree in 2.5-3 years.

    How often do I have to be on campus?

    The Master’s degree in Counseling includes many courses that are 100% online and require no travel to campus; however, the program does have two, 4-day residency requirements which occur in May and a specified number of internship hours that must be completed in an approved location. Although the majority of the degree program is online, you will have a dedicated advisor throughout the program who can assist with various departments. You will also have direct access to each of your instructors and will be able to reach them via phone or email.

    While not required, we do hope you will join us on-site for your graduation! We host several special events for our online students and their families at our main campus in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota the day before graduation. The actual commencement service is held on a Saturday.

    What jobs can I get with this degree?

    A Counseling M.A. from Crown will prepare you for professional licensure or you may choose to utilize the training as a lay counselor within a ministry setting. With licensure, some of the typical career paths include:

    • Conflict Mediation Counselor
    • Medical Centers
    • Private Practice
    • Outpatient Facility
    • Church Ministry
    • Parachurch Ministry

    Are there degree specializations or concentrations?

    There are multiple electives the individual student may choose from in order to prepare for a specialized area in counseling like marriage and family or addictions. The internship you choose will also help you prepare for the specific branch of counseling you want to pursue as a profession.  The required courses included in the Counseling M.A. program are designed to prepare the student for the MN state LPCC licensure exam. Most specialties in counseling are developed post-graduation through various trainings and continuing education units.

    Do I need any counseling training before I apply for this program?

    No. A good candidate for this program would be expected to have an interest in psychology, potentially completed some psychology coursework in an undergrad program (though not required), have good listening skills, emotionally astute, spiritually sensitive, and a desire to learn biblical principles relevant to counseling.

    Can I transfer into the online Counseling M.A. program?

    As a master-level professional degree, all students will be required to have a bachelor’s degree to be considered for the program and most students will be required to complete all courses included in the curriculum.  The online Master of Counseling degree is specifically designed to prepare students for the MN state LPCC licensure exam or serve as lay counselors in a Christian setting. Consult the program director with specific transfer questions.

    What does this degree emphasize?

    This program emphasizes an integration of a Biblical and Christian worldview into the profession of counseling. The complexity of humans from a relational, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect will be studied. The student will learn relationship-building techniques and problem solving approaches. The program is also designed to meet all licensure requirements of the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy.

    What do I need to pursue this online degree?

    The online program provides flexibility for busy schedules, however the Counseling M.A. is a rigorous program. 60 hours of online study is a standard requirement along with a 700 hour internship experience as required by Minnesota LPCC licensure standards.  The internship requirement is most typically fulfilled in a facility near the home of the student. Crown will assist the student in finding a proper placement for their internship.

    Are there any other interesting facts I should know about this program?

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 31% increase from 2012-2022 for trained licensed counselors. The need for marriage and family counselors will rise to 31%; 29% for rehab counselors and mental health counselors. Crown faculty are highly prepared through both education and experience as professionals in the counseling field. Students should expect to be able to learn not only from textbooks, but from case studies from their faculty members.

    Crown is excited to have an elective course in Equine Assisted Therapy where students will learn about this new and beneficial methodology of using horses in the therapeutic process. This will be a “hands-on” process, so make sure to wear your jeans and boots! Crown also has an undergraduate degree in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. Those who have graduated with that minor/major (from Crown or elsewhere) may consider combining their ADC internship requirements with their Master’s requirements. Students should speak with their advisor or the program director if this is of interest to them.