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Whether your goal is pastoral ministry, foreign missionary service, theological education, or service within other faith-based organizations, Crown’s online Masters in Christian Studies degree is designed to equip you with the theological understanding and practical skills that will help you in ministry.  In many ways, this degree functions like a mini-Master of Divinity degree.

The core of the program is a newly intensified curriculum that emphasizes the skills of interpreting Scripture while also interpreting the social and cultural elements of one’s ministry context.  The program has 12 Emphasis tracks for individualized study:

A distinctive of this program is that our graduates are prepared for licensing and ordination/consecration with the Christian and Ministry Alliance.  In addition, all of the courses in this program regardless of one’s emphasis track apply toward Crown’s Master of Divinity degree, so students can elect to graduate with their MA and continue on for the M.Div.

Faculty with the highest academic degrees, and significant ministry and mission experience, lead the online courses. Students investigate, analyze and demonstrate an understanding of cultural influences in postmodern America and in diverse environments around the globe. The coursework also includes collaborative activities that mirror real-life situations. By constructing knowledge with peers within Crown’s digital environment, students acquire life skills in collaboration that are critical to professional success.

The online Christian Studies M.A. provides a high-quality, online degree program as reflected in top rankings by both MONEY Magazine and Christian Universities Online. Crown’s easy-to-use online learning environment allows you the freedom and flexibility to complete coursework at your convenience. You will graduate with real-world skills that have immediate application in your current and future professional endeavors.

Crown’s tuition is priced competitively lower than similar accredited institutions. In fact, 98 percent of Crown’s students receive student loans, scholarships or financial aid for graduate students.

  • Career Outcomes

    Degree details

    A Christian Studies MA provides the opportunity for students to deepen their theological knowledge. The Christian Studies MA helps those people already in leadership roles to better serve the church and parachurch organizations. A Christian Studies MA will help a servant-leader to be a more faithful steward of their gifts for ministry and serving the Lord..

    What it emphasizes

    A Christian Studies MA emphasizes strategic planning for local ministry and global outreach, the knowledge to confidently interpret Scripture, and the ability to articulate the doctrinal points and statement of faith of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church.

    Types of opportunities  where this degree might be used

    The  ministry opportunities that can open up to a person with this degree are Children’s ministry, youth and family, overseas missions. A person working with YWAM or another similar parachurch ministry will find this degree very helpful.

    What you need to pursue this degree

    Those applying for entrance into this program will be required to have a baccalaureate degree in any subject. This degree requires a spiritual commitment to gain Biblical knowledge and a deepening love for God and others.

    Interesting facts

    Crown faculty in our graduate programs have earned doctoral degrees and actively serve as practitioner-scholars in a variety of church and non-profit ministry contexts.

    Our program is designed for both men and women who seek to serve in a variety of religious leadership roles.

    Crown’s M. A. degrees seek to draw upon the strengths in our other graduate programs to allow students to take elective credits in their area of interest. The online master’s degree in Christian Studies offers various areas of Emphasis in the areas of Theological Studies, Spiritual Formation,Pastoral Leadership,Executive Leadership,Pastoral Counseling,Intercultural Ministries, Disaster and Emergency Management and Social Science Research.

  • Learning Goals

    The Master of Arts in Christian Studies is designed to prepare men and women for a variety of leadership positions in local churches, para-church ministries, and non-profit organizations.

    Graduates of the MA in Christian Studies will be prepared to:

    • Demonstrate a commitment to spiritual formation as a lifelong journey.
    • Evaluate contemporary theological discussions using a grid of biblical and systematic approaches.
    • Identify the major doctrines and emphases of the Christian and Missionary Alliance
    • Articulate and apply a biblical theology of discipleship and the mission of God to one’s ministry context.
    • Analyze one’s social and cultural context in order to develop strategies for local ministry and global outreach
  • Course Requirements

    Christian Studies (M.A.) Courses

    Required Courses for the Christian Studies M.A. Degree

    II. Electives - 12 Credits

    General electives should be selected in consultation with one's academic advisor. General electives accepted for transfer into this degree program should normally fall within the areas of study represented by the following emphasis tracks. If an emphasis track is chosen, the student will  need to complete additional elective credits to reach the required number of credits for the degree.

    Note: Students in the M.A. in Christian Studies are eligible to apply all of their classes to the Master of Divinity (M.Div.)  degree program and graduate with both degrees.

    Emphasis Tracks - 9-11 Credits

    Note: If required emphasis track courses have been taken as part of the degree core, an additional 3 credits of electives per course will be required in order to fulfill the emphasis requirements.

    Biblical Studies Emphasis  

    Church Development Emphasis  

    Community Development Emphasis  

    Disaster and Emergency Management Emphasis  

    Executive Leadership Emphasis  

    Hmong Ministry Emphasis  

    Intercultural Ministries Emphasis  

    International Christian Education Emphasis  

    Non-Profit Leadership Emphasis  

    Pastoral Counseling Emphasis  

    Pastoral Leadership Emphasis  

    Social Science Research Emphasis  

    Spiritual Formation Emphasis  

    Theological Studies Emphasis  

    Urban Ministry Emphasis  

    Total - 36 Credits

    Core + General Electives (12 Credits) with option of an Emphasis


    * If THE 3522 - Systematic Theology I  and THE 3524 - Systematic Theology II  have been taken at the undergraduate level, another theology course may be substituted here. For students in the BSCM/MACS (4+1) program, THE 3522 - Systematic Theology I  and THE 3524 - Systematic Theology II  will be replaced with the graduate course CST 5235 - Theology of Christ and the Church . This course will fulfill CST 5223 - Christian Theology  in the MACS.

    ** If HIS 3601 - History of Christianity  has been taken at the undergraduate level, another CST course may be substituted here.


    Note: For C&MA Ordination purposes, students are encouraged to take INT 5510 - Contemporary Issues in Missions  as one of their electives.

    Two-Year Program Plan for the Christian Studies Program

    Block A (Fall Semester)

    Block B (Spring Semester)

    Block C (Fall Semester)

    Block D (Spring Semester)

    Block Sequence:

    Students starting in the Fall: A, B, C, D

    Students starting in the Spring: B, A, C, D

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  • Tuition

    An Affordable Online College Education.

    Earning your degree online makes sense. It’s convenient and provides an invaluable advantage to your future success. And at Crown College, it’s affordable. Crown is one of the 10 most affordable Christian colleges in the Midwest. With 98 percent of our students receiving some form of financial aid, we will work with you to figure out the best financial aid package available.

    Financial aid is funding made available by the federal government, state government, private entities and Crown. Crown College’s School of Online Studies and Graduate School programs participate in the Federal Pell Grant, Minnesota State Grant and Federal Direct Stafford Loans to help finance your education.

    Most financial aid is awarded on the basis of need. The first step is to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The FAFSA is the government form used to help assess a family’s financial strength. Crown’s school code for FAFSA is: 002383. Students must apply for financial aid each year to be considered for funding.

    Graduate School (GS) Tuition

    Online Graduate 2018-2019 Costs

    Tuition Per Credit (except MBA Program) $530
    Block Tuition 12-16 Credits (except MBA Program) $5,725 per semester
    MBA Program Tuition Per Credit $545
    Application Fee $25
    Technology Fee $130 per semester

    Online Graduate 2017-2018 Costs

    Tuition Per Credit (except MBA Program) $510
    Block Tuition 10-15 Credits (except MBA Program) $5,410 per semester
    MBA Program Tuition Per Credit $530
    Application Fee $25
    Technology Fee $125 per semester

    Check Course Catalog for any additional fees related to your specific program.

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