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English is often referred to as the lingua franca — the common language. In many countries, knowing English means having the chance to get jobs in science, computers, tourism, etc.

Do you want to have the opportunity to travel and work with different types of people, bringing English to others all over the world? A Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) degree may be right for you. This program will give you the basic skills needed to effectively teach English to speakers of other languages. In addition to your Crown degree, you’ll earn a TEFL certificate that is recognized around the world.



A TEFL degree from Crown will open the door for you to teach English to speakers of other languages in their home countries.  You can choose to work with adult professionals, college students, teenagers, and/or young children. Many TEFL instructors travel and teach on-site in foreign countries, but a growing number stay home and interact with their students online. Regardless of where you go, or who you want to work with, Crown can help you be a successful English teacher.

While Bachelor’s degrees are required in some countries, students who have a TEFL Certificate and an Associate’s degree from Crown have the credentials they need to start a teaching career in many places around the world.  Here’s a list of possibilities:

  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Cambodia
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Nicaragua
  • Poland
  • India
  • Greece
  • Brazil
  • Online from anywhere!

Do you want to open up the whole world of TEFL possibilities?  Continue on to get your Bachelor’s from Crown while you’re teaching with your Associate’s.


Who is Crown College?

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  • Earn a fully accredited, internationally recognized TEFL certificate through your coursework
  • Choose TEFL classes that are tailored to your teaching interests
  • Access a global job network through Bridge, Crown’s TEFL partner
  • Online courses are perfect for students who are busy with work, family and other activities
  • Small class sizes mean you get the individualized attention you need to succeed


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You've got a bright future ahead of you.

Limitless options. Extreme flexibility. Future-proofed career skills. Teaching English as a Foreign Language majors have boundless opportunities.


English language learners worldwide



New English teachers hired in Asia each Month



Week courses


Online program

Travel the world


Open the door to new adventures.


TEFL allows you to find pursue a career as a professional without an advanced degree by teaching from your own home or traveling the world — job opportunities are everywhere.

Meet fascinating individuals and help them pursue their life goals by breaking down language barriers. 


Your virtual campus. Open all hours.

Anytime, anywhere, you can complete your coursework. Simply log into your classroom. Whether taking part in discussions with classmates or turning in your latest assignment, your virtual classroom doesn’t just run during office hours. Canvas is open 24-7.


  • canvas dashboard on laptop college online degree programs
  • canvas course on laptop college online degree programs
  • canvas discussion board college online degree programs
  • canvas quizzes on laptop college online degree programs
  • canvas syllabus on laptop college online degree programs
  • Find your course quickly by selecting the course from the Dashboard.

  • Find weekly overviews, assignments, updates, discussion boards, and quizzes in the Courses tab.

  • Dynamic discussions allow students to connect with fellow thinkers to grow together and go deeper.

  • The integrated Quizzes feature allows students to prove they have got the course material down.

  • See textbooks needed, course guidelines, and an overview of the module.

What Will I Study?

Courses like these enable students to dig deep into the complexity of human behavior and understand why we think, act, and feel the way we do. These same courses will challenge students to understand the justice system better and to make changes to best serve their community!


  • Foundations of Teaching English as a Foreign Lagnuage
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Teaching English to the Youth
  • Advanced Methods for Teaching English Online
  • Teaching English as Mission
  • Intercultural Communications Concepts
  • Concepts of Global and Ethical Leadership
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Custom-built for your life.

We know you’re busy. Whether its family, work, or church, we created a program that fits with your priorities. Our online programs are flexible and designed for those working full-time, so you can do your coursework anywhere, anytime. Most coursework is due Thursday and Sunday by midnight, giving you the freedom to complete your coursework in your own schedule.

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