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People are fascinating.

What makes us tick? There aren’t many things more interesting than the inner workings of the most sophisticated three pounds of tissue in the world — the human brain. The study of Psychology takes you into the inner workings of cognition, motivation, personality, concentration, memory, and more. Understanding these processes is fundamental to success in many careers that begin with a degree in psychology, such as advertising, social work, marketing, corrections officer, career counselor, sales, and, of course, psychologist.



If you want to understand people in light of how God has designed them and His purpose for their lives, Crown is the place for you. We believe it is important to understand all that psychology has to offer, but that the ultimate authority on truth is God Himself. So we integrate faith into our curriculum and challenge psychology where it does not line up with truth as scripture defines it. We also believe that people studying in the “helping professions” should be taught by practitioners, not just academics. This is why our psychology and counseling courses are taught by practicing clinicians who meet the academic qualifications to teach.


Who is Crown College?

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  • Christ-centered.
  • Completely online – perfect for busy, working adults.
  • Employers are looking for degrees. An associate’s degree is a great place to start in order to make yourself more marketable.
  • Students who wish to continue on for a master’s degree in counseling can apply for our accelerated program, moving them toward licensure as a counselor in less time while saving money.
  • Each student is assigned an academic advisor whose only job is to help students succeed.


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You've got a bright future ahead of you.

Limitless options. Extreme flexibility. Future-proofed career skills. Psychology majors have boundless opportunities.


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Go further into Psychology


Students who acquire an Associate of Science degree in psychology can continue on in that field for their Bachelor’s degree or shift to any other field of study.

Our AS degree is transferrable to any accredited school.

Psychology/Counseling, B.S.


Your virtual campus. Open all hours.

Anytime, anywhere, you can complete your coursework. Simply log into your classroom. Whether taking part in discussions with classmates or turning in your latest assignment, your virtual classroom doesn’t just run during office hours. Canvas is open 24-7.


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  • Find your course quickly by selecting the course from the Dashboard.

  • Find weekly overviews, assignments, updates, discussion boards, and quizzes in the Courses tab.

  • Dynamic discussions allow students to connect with fellow thinkers to grow together and go deeper.

  • The integrated Quizzes feature allows students to prove they have got the course material down.

  • See textbooks needed, course guidelines, and an overview of the module.

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Optional Accelerated Degree

Accelerated programs are tightly structured courses of study in which students take graduate courses during the undergraduate degree program. Once students graduate with their respective undergraduate degrees, the graduate courses then transfer into the master’s degree program allowing the student to complete that degree in a shortened time frame.

Qualified students in the B.S. in Psychology/Counseling program may apply for an accelerated degree program to earn their Counseling (M.A.) degree in an additional two years instead of the typical three years. Click here for more detailed information regarding the acceptance process for this option.

What Will I Study?

Courses like these enable students to dig deep into the complexity of human behavior and understand why we think, act, and feel the way we do. These same courses will challenge students to understand themselves better and to make changes to become the best person they can possibly be!


  • Developmental Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Personality Theories
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Custom-built for your life.

We know you’re busy. Whether its family, work, or church, we created a program that fits with your priorities. Our online programs are flexible and designed for those working full-time, so you can do your coursework anywhere, anytime. Most coursework is due Thursday and Sunday by midnight, giving you the freedom to complete your coursework in your own schedule.

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