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Why Humanities at Crown College?

The Humanities and Social Sciences Department graduates young men and women whose foundation in liberal arts and sciences, integrated with a Christian worldview, makes them excellent candidates for immediate employment, ministry or graduate school. Students pursuing a Christian Humanities degree program on our Minnesota campus will acquire a global awareness of their selected area of study that builds the critical thinking and communication skills greatly valued by forward-thinking employers. The academically rigorous program combines faith and learning so students acquire the knowledge, skills and ethics necessary for Christian leadership and professional success.


Crisis Intervention

Meet people where they are at. Help others to work through their crisis by learning guiding theories and best practices. Bring emotional healing to your community.

PSY 4546 – Crisis Intervention

3 Credits  

An introduction to the theory of crisis intervention, with emphasis on short-term crisis interviewing and counseling. Course content covers crisis intervention models, some advanced interviewing techniques, and assessment strategies for depression and suicide, sexual and physical abuse, substance abuse, trauma, and abortion. 

Prerequisites: PSY 3538 and PSY 3542 

ideas matter bachelor's degree in humanities

Psychology, B.S.

Understanding the human mind.

Psychology/Counseling, B.S.
multiple police training bachelor's degree in humanities

Criminal Justice, B.S.

For the people.

Criminal Justice, B.S.
darin mather bachelor's degree in humanities

Our programs provide the academic training needed for women and men to more effectively minister to those around them through their chosen professions. Working in the School of Online Studies provides unique opportunities for us to educate students while they are already serving all over the world.


Dr. Darin Mather

Assistant Professor of Global Studies, Social Science Program Chair


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