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Why Global + Cultural Studies at Crown College?

Those who minister at the intersection of faith, culture, and power follow in the footsteps of Daniel, Esther, Nehemiah, Paul, and other biblical role models. That’s who we aspire to be. With rigorous intercultural training, graduates will excel in the increasingly needed skills of behavioral and cognitive frame-shifting, serving in overseas roles and contemporary political settings.


World Religions

Discover what makes each world religion have in common and what makes Christianity different from the rest. 

ICS 3620 – World Religions

3 Credits  

An examination of the diverse beliefs and practices of the world’s major religions focusing on their historical backgrounds, texts, and cultural settings.

Specific comparisons are made with Christian faith including apologetic approaches to non-Christian religions.

Also SOC and HUM. 

zell alex undergrad of crown college

“Our Global & Cultural Studies undergraduate degrees equip you with holistic intercultural competency and prepare you to meet today’s challenges. Students develop cultural understanding and multicultural team skills which are increasingly important in metropolitan communities and in global service.”


Dr. Alexander Zell

Global Leadership Program Chair


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