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Why Online Business Studies at Crown College?

Are you ready to influence the corporate world? Whether your degree is in marketing, finances or management, you can connect your faith with a business. Discover how we can help prepare you for your future career. Learn the basic theory and then go deeper into practical training. By pairing your faith with business, you can take the ethical standards of the Christian faith into a world that so desperately needs them. Serve the community with high integrity and well-developed skills while gaining a platform to live out your faith with others who may not know Jesus yet.


Financial Management

Develop best practices for handling the finances for business by exploring the theory and practical side of budgeting.

BUS 375 – Financial Management

3 Credits  

A course addressing the need for sound financial management within business. Areas of study include: time value of money, cash flow analysis, financial planning, risk, and capital budgeting. 

Prerequisite: ACC 228



beverly gillen of crown college

“Our professors are Christ-centered theologian-practitioners. They are highly-skilled in the Word of God and active in multi-generational ministry. They can relate to you as you are and help you apply principles to your specific social and cultural context. They can help your spiritual formation and increase your ministry skills to advance the Kingdom of God”


Beverly Gillen

Director of Online Business Programs


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