Care Ministries Major (A.S.) Courses

II. General Education Core – 30 Credits

III. Concentration – 18 Credits

IV. Electives – 3 Credits

Total – 60 Credits

1 Counts towards 3 credits of Social Science credits. Students who have successfully completed 60 credits with a GPA of at least a 2.0 may replace SOC 1510  with a Communication, Humanities, Math, Science or Social Science elective.

2 Click HERE to view options for Humanities and Social Science Electives.

* Some courses from the Christian Studies Core and Major Core can be used to fulfill requirements in the General Education Core. By doing that the number of electives needed would increase so that the minimum of 60 credits is reached.

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The core of your educational experience at Crown College. It focuses on building conceptual and practical skills, deep study, and building a network of fellow professionals


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An opportunity to expand your focus. Minors can relate to your major of can follow a completely different field of study. It’s your way to personalize your education for roughly 18 credits.

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15-21 credits, giving a specialization or focus to the major. This gives students the opportunity to lean into learning a specialized skill or part of a more defined industry. Only some majors have concentration requirements.

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9-14 credits, allowing students to take a few courses to emphasize a specific subject. Some emphases are only available to specific majors.

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Crown is part of the Higher Learning Commission which keeps us accountable to strict educational standards, ensuring you get a high-quality college education. When you pursue learning at Crown College you will leave with a fully accredited degree in a field of study you are passionate about.


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At Crown College, we do online education differently. Your online experience is broken down into MODs instead of semesters. We provide six MOD start dates a year. Typically, students take 1 class per MOD, but you can add one extra class per mod, to expedite the experience, or only do one class every other MOD to go at your own pace.*

*Not all required classes are available at each MOD. Pricing may change based on class load.

  • 6 Classes per Year

    For a deeper experience, Undergrad completed in about  7 Years.

  • 9 Classes per Year

    For a quick experience, Undergrad completed in about  4.5 Years.

  • 12 Classes per Year

    For an accelerated experience, Undergrad completed in about 3.5 Years.

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We are transfer-friendly. That means that you get credit for more of your courses. Finish faster with a format that is flexible and leaves you fully equipped!



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