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Why Bible + Theology at Crown College?

Crown was founded as an institution dedicated to training up those who could teach and preach the Bible. Over 100 years later, we are still dedicated to that mission. Our Bible and Theology department focuses on developing students who are competent at understanding the Bible and who are able to practically apply it to everyday life. Whether exegesis or hermeneutics, students will dive deep into God’s word. This all happens with phenomenal professors, smaller class sizes, and a schoolwide community who are committed to Christ. Students graduate and continue on to graduate school, full-time ministry, or overseas ministry. With the Christian and Missionary Alliance as our core denomination, you get theology that majors on the majors and minors on the minors, preparing you for the diverse world of theology while remaining true to your convictions.


History of the New Testament

Uncover the context of the books of the New Testament to find the deeper meaning of the text. Verses, stories and books will come to life as you understand how the circumstances then affect the now.

BIB 1522 – History of the New Testament

3 Credits  

A study of the historical background and general content of the New Testament books with a view to giving the students an overall perspective of the message of the New Testament in the light of its contemporary setting.

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Biblical Studies, B.S.

Explore the depth of God’s Word

Biblical Studies, B.S.
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Christian Ministry, B.S.

Be led to lead others

Christian Ministry, B.S.
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Our qualified professors create community learning environments for seasoned and developing Christian leaders. Each Christian Ministries course integrates biblical concepts, cultural diversity, and practical ministry principles that can be applied immediately to your ministry context.


Dr. Alexander Zell

Christian Leadership Program Chair


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