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Mention ministry leadership, and usually seminary comes to mind. Crown provides an excellent and practical alternative to the seminary experience: the online Christian Masters in Ministry Leadership. An advanced degree with an emphasis on practical leadership, the program prepares men and women for leadership positions in churches, missions and other faith-based organizations. Our graduates also actively study and engage in a changing culture from a Christian perspective.


Ministry Leadership

The online Master’s in Ministry Leadership program empowers leaders with skills in researching one’s ministry context so that effective strategies can be developed and implemented. This preparation includes coursework related to key leadership competencies in the areas of spiritual formation, social and cultural analysis, theories of leadership, and the theology of work and leadership.

Anyone actively involved in leadership and ministry is a life-long learner. So our M.A. in Ministry Leadership includes research components that engage students in analyzing the ministry context in which they are working, and in enhancing their relevance in addressing the needs of the people they are leading. In this way, the program equips graduates to innovate and move their faith-based organizations into the future.




Why choose Ministry Leadership at Crown?

  • Demonstrate a commitment to spiritual formation as a lifelong journey and correlate spiritual formation with ministry and leadership development.
  • Analyze one’s personal and leadership decisions in light of the principles of effective stewardship, time-management, teamwork and leadership initiative.
  • Apply the theology of leadership and work to an area of ministry leadership practice.
  • Employ sound hermeneutical and theological principles of Scripture and identify and assess unsound theologies and hermeneutical approaches in print, audio, and visual media.
  • Create a strategy for facilitating spiritual formation in a particular ministry context.
  • Analyze one’s social and cultural context in order to develop strategies for local ministry.
  • Write an effective strategic plan.
  • Recommend changes based on a communication audit.


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Who is Crown College?

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Anytime, anywhere, you can complete your coursework. Simply log into your classroom. Whether taking part in discussions with classmates or turning in your latest assignment, your virtual classroom doesn’t just run during office hours. Canvas is open 24-7.


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  • Find your course quickly by selecting the course from the Dashboard.

  • Find weekly overviews, assignments, updates, discussion boards, and quizzes in the Courses tab.

  • Dynamic discussions allow students to connect with fellow thinkers to grow together and go deeper.

  • The integrated Quizzes feature allows students to prove they have got the course material down.

  • See textbooks needed, course guidelines, and an overview of the module.


Personalize your experience at Crown. You can add any of the following emphasis without adding more credits. Graduate on time while studying what interests you most.

For leaders who want to encourage freedom over addiction.


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For leaders who want to deepen their Bible and theology understanding. 

Crown’s online Biblical Studies emphasis can fortify a graduate degree by adding biblical interpretation, the original biblical languages or an in-depth look at Old Testament Narratives and Gospel literature. This is a strong emphasis for anyone who wants to develop the necessary skills for serious Bible study.


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For leaders who want an overall view of Christian theology and history.

Crown’s online Christian Studies emphasis can strengthen a graduate degree for a student to meet minimal requirements to serve with a multinational, bi-vocational or parachurch ministry. Students may add this emphasis to prepare for accreditation interviews with denominational boards or church board search committees.


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For leaders who oversee the growth of new or existing churches.

Crown’s online Church Development emphasis explores effective church tools, processes, and relationships to experience spiritual growth in church plants and church revitalization situations which will increase numerical growth. Students sharpen vision, measurable progress and useful accountability in a particular ministry setting.


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For leaders who want to pour into their communities

Crown’s online Community Development is for students who want to empower members of their communities to bring about positive social change.  Students will be introduced to a holistic approach to community development that uses asset-based participatory strategies for change.  They will also learn to evaluate outcomes to make sure that community goals are being met.


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For leaders who want to prepare thoroughly and respond effectively to crisis.

Crown’s online Disaster and Emergency Management emphasis addresses the management principles, public policies and best practices that are essential for any emergency management professional, but it also adds the faith components that often go hand-in-hand with this critically important work.


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For leaders who want to make an impact in the business world.


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For leaders who want to prepare the next generation of collegiate learners.


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For leaders who want to bridge the gap between second and first-generation Hmong.

Crown’s online Hmong Ministry emphasis meets the need for biblically-accurate and culturally-relevant Hmong Christian training. Students learn from expert Hmong professors about Hmong worldview, Hmong religion, Hmong language and Hmong ministry projects. Hmong leadership, pastoral care and discipleship will be addressed.


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For leaders who want to serve in multicultural or cross-cultural contexts.

Crown’s online Intercultural Ministries emphasis includes contemporary and global issues in the theology of missions and outreach, cross-cultural leadership development, financial partnership without dependency, and cooperation with Perspectives on the World Christian Movement to earn the Perspectives graduate certificate of completion.


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For leaders who want to take their skills overseas.


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Grow your leadership skills. Learn how to coach others to make a difference in your ministry or workplace.

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For leaders who want to use media for church ministry.

Crown’s online Media Ministry emphasis examines storytelling through the dramatic structure of biblical narratives, setting up audio and lighting, as well as leveraging film and video to communicate stories of God’s work in ways that influence others. Many different forms of worship technology will be discussed and utilized in this emphasis.


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For leaders who want to build something that serves others effectively.


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For leaders who want to dive deeper into pastoral care.


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For leaders who want to direct their congregations into the future.

Crown’s online Pastoral Leadership emphasis starts with personal character development to establish authentic leadership by example. Church systems are explored to apply church management theories to relational people skills for ministry. Biblical principles of pastoral leadership are applied to practical church situations.


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For leaders who are relentlessly curious about the social world.

Crown’s online Social Science Research emphasis provides students with the practical skills they need to do basic social science and evaluation research.  This program is perfect for those who plan to pursue advanced degrees in the social sciences and for those who will be regularly engaged in evaluation and assessment research for non-profits.


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For leaders who want their churches to grow in spiritual maturity.

Crown’s online Spiritual Formation emphasis starts with historical Christian growth classics and then focuses on the Apostle Paul’s time-tested formula to teach faithful people to teach others (2 Tim. 2:2). Students develop plans for their churches using various models of spiritual formation such as one-on-one or group mentoring.


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For leaders who want to go deeper in their understanding of language.

At Crown TEFL Graduate Emphasis can be easily added to a number of Master’s degree programs, providing a practical skill that can be used alongside your training in ministry and leadership. As part of your coursework, you’ll earn a TEFL certification that will allow you to teach English all over the world. You’ll also gain skills in contextualization, ministry outreach, and spiritual formation.

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For leaders who want to go deeper in their understanding of God.

Crown’s online Theological Studies emphasis adds a nuance of Jesus’ teachings in the Gospels with contemporary theological issues. Non-evangelical theologies like open theism and feminist theology will be examined in the light of the Bible. This emphasis is only available to MA in Christian Studies students who want to go deeper in theology.


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For leaders who want to minister to people in an urban setting.

Crown’s online Urban Ministry emphasis addresses holistic challenges of empowering and organizing community development in large metropolitan centers. Systemic poverty, racism, and justice issues combine with relational discipleship, multi-ethnic ministry, urban apologetics, and community engagement globally and in the U.S.


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You've got a bright future ahead of you.

Limitless options. Extreme flexibility. Future-proofed career skills. Ministry Leadership majors have boundless opportunities.


M. Div. Program


Emphasis credits to fit your passion


Week courses


Online program

What Will I Study?

  • Theology of Leadership
  • Hermeneutics
  • Theological Research
  • Organizational Communication
  • Strategic Planning
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Facilitating Spiritual Formation
  • Social + Cultural Foundations
  • Leadership + Culture
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Custom-built for your life.

We know you’re busy. Whether its family, work, or church, we created a program that fits with your priorities. Our online programs are flexible and designed for those working full-time, so you can do your coursework anywhere, anytime. Most coursework is due Thursday and Sunday by midnight, giving you the freedom to complete your coursework in your own schedule.

Courses begin throughout the year in January, March, May, July, August, and October. Most courses are 8 weeks. A few courses are 16 weeks long. Advisors assist students in determining a schedule based on their convenience and schedule.

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