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Accelerated Counseling Master’s Program


The accelerated psychology/counseling to master’s in counseling degree is a unique program designed for those who sense a call to the profession of counseling. Students accepted into this program will have the opportunity to earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees while building a professional network and receiving financial aid! While there are many opportunities for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in psychology or counseling, a master’s degree is required for those who seek professional licensure as a counselor. The accelerated program merges upper-level bachelor’s degree courses with corresponding master’s degree courses, significantly reducing the time and cost of acquiring the master’s degree and pursuing a license. This initiative provides flexibility for both on-campus and online students to combine an undergraduate and graduate degree.


Crown’s Accelerated Counseling Program helps students:

  • Accelerate their training so they can earn their bachelor’s and master’s in 6 years rather than 7
  • Save $13,800 in graduate tuition costs by completing their master’s degree in 2 years
  • Reduce redundancies in coursework
  • Pursue professional license(s) sooner


School of Arts and Sciences Degree Tracks (On-Campus Students):


School of Online Studies Degree Tracks (Online Students):


The need for mental health counselors is projected to grow 25% by 2029. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

By choosing Alcohol and Drug Counseling courses as electives, students prepare themselves for dual licensure as Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors and Licensed Professional Counselors*

*Each state has their own titles and requirements for licensure. Our advisors can assist you in determining the requirements for licensure in your state.


Crown’s Master of Arts in Counseling program provides the flexibility of an online education with the connectedness of small groups of students and professors sharing the same goal of caring for others who are struggling. Most assignments completed by students can be done at their own convenience, making this master’s degree ideal for those with busy lives. Counseling students tend to crave human interaction, though, so multiple means of connecting with both faculty and students have been embedded within the program. Our two, brief on-campus residencies in May/June facilitate growth in counseling skills and provide networking opportunities.

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Online Counseling Programs

Our Humanities department focuses on developing students who are passionate leaders.

Online counseling programs
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On-Campus Counseling Programs

Our classes are rich with complex topics to keep your love of academics satisfied all four years.

On-campus counseling programs
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$455 per credit



$610 per credit*

*$640 per MBA Credit


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