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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.)


The nursing degree completion option at Crown College complements the college’s commitment to academic excellence by offering Registered Nurses, licensed in the state where they practice, the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN).  This online degree program offers flexibility for the nurse who has passed the NCLEX and desires to enhance their professional practice with a four-year degree.

Program curriculum and teaching methodologies are structured to meet professional requirements beyond the basic knowledge and skills for entry-level practice. Numerous studies show that patient outcomes improve when the majority of care is provided by nurses with a four-year degree.  The courses included will strengthen the nurse’s use of information and nursing research, as well as the ability to practice in public or community health with diverse populations.

For individuals who have not yet entered the field of nursing, Crown College offers an exceptional on-campus BSN degree program with high NCLEX pass rates.  For more information, visit the On-Campus Nursing degree page.


Fall (first year)

Mod A
Concepts of Professional Nursing (3 credits)

Mod B
Nursing Ethics: A Christian Worldview (3 credits)

Mod A-B
Foundations of Christian Thought (3 credits)

Mod C
Health Care Informatics (3 credits)
Statistics (3 credits)

Spring (first year)

Mod A
Concepts in Global Health Nursing (3 credits)

Mod B
Nursing Research (3 credits)

Mod A-B
Apologetics and Christian Evidence (3 credits)

Mode C
Interpreting the Gospels (3 credits)

Fall (second year)

Mod A-B
Public Health Nursing (6 credits with a clinical component)
Survey of Biblical Literature (3 credits)

Spring (second year)

Mod B-C
Nursing Leadership and Management (6 credits with a clinical component)

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