Care Ministries (A.S.)

Online Care Ministries Associate’s Degree

Care Ministries (A.S.)

During times of personal and community crisis, people often need someone to turn to for emotional and spiritual support as they deal with deep loss and trauma. Crown’s Care Ministries program has been specifically designed for people called to minister to those in crisis.

Combining coursework in Bible, theology, psychology, counseling and ministry, Crown’s Care Ministries program provides training for those seeking careers as pastors, chaplains and first responders.

What makes Crown’s program unique?

  • Christ-centered
  • 100% online
  • One of few Care Ministries programs offered in the country
  • Ability to combine Care Ministries coursework with degrees in Christian Ministry, Psychology/Counseling, Criminal Justice, Disaster and Emergency Management and more
  • Coursework for Care Ministries minors can be used as part of an accelerated Master’s degree in Divinity, Counseling, Christian Studies, Ministry Leadership or Organizational Leadership
  • Small class sizes and individualized attention
  • Each student is assigned an academic advisor whose only job is to help you succeed

Featured Partner

Crown College is pleased to partner with Crisis Response Care (CRC). CRC is a program designed for first responders, chaplains and community volunteers to deepen their knowledge in the area of crisis response. As a service powered by K-LOVE, CRC offers training courses in crisis care and Critical Incident Stress Management. These courses, which are offered all over the country, are delivered by highly qualified and experienced instructors.

Students who have taken CRC classes may articulate their coursework into Crown and apply select courses into Care Ministries degree programs.


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    I. Christian Studies Core – 15-21 Credits

    BIB/CM/THE – Bible, Christian Min. or Theo. Elective, 3 Cr.

    ICS 3610 – Concepts of Global & Ethical Leadership, 3 Cr.

    BIB 1511 – Survey of Biblical Literature, 3 Cr.
    BIB 1520 – History of the Old Testament, 3 Cr.
    BIB 1522 – History of the New Testament, 3 Cr.

    BIB 3510 – Interpreting the Gospels, 3 Cr.
    BIB 4710 – Interpreting Romans, 3 Cr.

    THE 3520 – Foundations of Christian Thought, 3 Cr.
    THE 3522 – Systematic Theology I, 3 Cr.
    THE 3524 – Systematic Theology II, 3 Cr.

    II. General Education Core – 31 Credits

    COM 1515 – Introduction to Public Communication, 3 Cr.

    ENG 1510 – College Writing and Research, 3 Cr.

    ENG 1512 – Introduction to Literary Analysis, 3 Cr.

    FAR – Fine Arts Elective, 3 Cr.

    Global Awareness Elective, 3 Cr.

    HIS – History Elective, 3 Cr.

    Humanities Elective, 3 Cr.

    MAT – Math Elective, 3 Cr.

    SCI – Lab Science Elective, 4 Cr.

    SOC 1510 – College Success Strategies, 3 Cr.

    III. Concentration – 18 Credits

    PSY 130 – General Psychology, 3 Cr.

    PSY 3538 – Theories of Counseling & Psychotherapy, 3 Cr.

    CM 4610 – Principles of Counseling & Care Ministry, 3 Cr.

    Choose 3 concentration electives.

    Choose 9 credits of CM or PSY electives.


    Associate’s Degree

    Designed for students with a high school diploma, GED, and little or no college experience, the A.S. in Care Ministries is an online ministry degree designed for those who wish to provide pastoral care, especially those experiencing trauma and loss. The streamlined program builds skills in Bible study and interpretation, theological thinking, and Christian counseling. The program also provides a firm foundation in general education.

    Graduates of the online Care Ministries A.S. program develop skills that will serve them well in rolls as spiritual and emotional care givers. They will also learn integrate Christian values into everyday decision and incorporate Bible-based strategies into effective ministry. As a graduate of the A.S. program, you may be eligible to transfer all of your credits into one of Crown’s many Bachelor’s degrees which are also available 100% online.

    Program faculty have backgrounds that combine academic excellence and significant ministry experience. The Care Ministries A.S. is part of Crown’s academic offerings that are MONEY Magazine and Christian Universities Online as top rated programs.

    Crown’s easy-to-use online learning environment allows you the freedom and flexibility to complete coursework at your convenience. Tuition is priced competitively lower than at similar accredited institutions.


    Earning your degree online makes sense. It’s convenient and provides an invaluable advantage to your future success. At Crown College, it’s also affordable. Crown is one of the 10 most affordable Christian colleges in the Midwest. With 98 percent of our students receiving some form of financial aid, we will work with you to figure out the best financial aid package available. Financial aid funding is made available by the federal and state governments.

    Crown College’s School of Online Studies and Graduate School programs participate in the Federal Pell Grant, Minnesota State Grant and Federal Direct Stafford Loans to help finance your education. Most financial aid is awarded on the basis of need. The first step is to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The FAFSA is the government form used to help assess a family’s financial strength. Crown’s school code for FAFSA is: 002383. Students must apply for financial aid each year to be considered for funding.

    Online (SOS) Tuition

    Online Undergraduate 2020-2021 Costs

    Tuition Per Credit $395*
    Application Fee $25
    Technology Fee $140 per semester

    *$475 per credit if not full-time (under 12 credits per semester)

    Check Course Catalog for any additional fees related to your specific program.


    Graduates from Crown’s Care Ministries program learn vital skills that can be applied to a variety fields including:

    • Pastoral ministry
    • Chaplaincy
    • First Responders
    • Social Service Agencies
  • FAQs

    The FAQs provided below address questions you might have regarding the online Care Ministries program. Feel free to contact your enrollment advisor directly for any additional questions you might have.

    How often do I have to be on campus?

    Crown’s Care Ministries program is 100% online and has no requirement for you to travel to campus for any aspect of the program. Although it is a fully online degree program, you will have a dedicated advisor who will provide academic support, guidance and advice throughout the program. You will also have direct access to each of your instructors throughout the week.

    While not required, we do hope you will join us on-site for your graduation! We host several special events for our online students and their families at our main campus in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota the day before graduation. The actual commencement service is held on a Saturday.

    Do I have to meet for class at a specific time?
    Crown’s online classes are asynchronous meaning that there are no set meeting times. Students must meet regular assignment deadlines (usually on Thursday and Sunday night), but they can complete their work at any time during the week that best fits their schedule.