Minor in Biblical Studies

Online Minor in Biblical Studies

Strengthen Your Preparation in Biblical and Theological Studies.

Students in any of Crown’s online degree programs can add a Biblical Studies minor so that they can deepen their understanding of theology and ability to interpret the Word of God.  Students are equipped with tools for their own spiritual growth and empowered with skills to lead others in the process of spiritual formation.

Graduates with a minor in Biblical Studies are prepared for volunteer ministry, bi-vocational ministry, or work in other faith-based education and nonprofit organizations. They are prepared to integrate Christian values into everyday decisions.  Students in the B.S. in Christian Ministry degree program are automatically eligible to declare the Christian studies minor since all of the required courses are completed in that degree program.


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    Biblical Studies Minor Courses

    Minor Requirements – 18 Credits

    ·         BIB 1520 – History of the Old Testament (3 credits)

    ·         BIB1522 – History of the New Testament (3 credits)

    ·         THE 3522 – Systematic Theology I (3 credits)

    ·         THE 3524 – Systematic Theology II (3 credits)

    ·         THE 3701 – Apologetics and Christian Evidences (3 credits)

    ·         BIB 4710 – Interpreting Romans (3 credits)

    Turn Your Christian Studies Core into a Minor

    The Biblical Studies minor is designed so that students can build upon their Christian Studies Core courses from other bachelor’s degree programs in order to add a minor.

    B. S. in Christian Ministry:  Students in this degree are required to complete all of the above courses and are automatically eligible to declare this minor.  Interested students should contact their enrollment advisor or academic advisor.

    Other B.S. Degrees:  Students in other bachelor degree programs can add a Biblical Studies minor by taking the expanded Christian Studies Core option and choosing to take Interpreting Romans. In short, students can add this minor by taking two courses beyond the basic Christian Studies Core.


    Online (SOS) Tuition

    Online Undergraduate 2020-2021 Costs

    Tuition Per Credit $395*
    Application Fee $25
    Technology Fee $140 per semester

    *$475 per credit if not full-time (under 12 credits per semester)

    Check Course Catalog for any additional fees related to your specific program.