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Crown College prepares students for teaching opportunities in a wide range of specialty areas at the elementary, middle school, and high school level.  Degree programs include:

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  • Tuition

    On-Campus (SAS) Tuition

    On-Campus Undergraduate 2019-2020 Costs

    Per Semester Yearly
    Tuition* $13,240 $26,480
    Technology Fee $135 $270
    Wellness Fee $110 $220
    Meal Plan A $2,185 $4,370
    Residence Hall Basic $2,280 $4,560
    Total $17,950 $35,900

    *Nursing students add $1,480 per semester ($740 per clinical)

    (less than 12 credits per semester) $1,100 per credit
    (more than 18 credits per semester)
    $710 per credit

    NOTE: The FAFSA is required for all federal and state grants and federal student loans.

    Meal Plans Per Semester Yearly
    Plan A: 15 meals/week (required for Freshmen) with $175 Flex $2,185 $4,370
    Plan B: 10 meals/week with $300 Flex $2,185 $4,370
    Plan C: 7 meals/week with $175 Flex $1,920 $3,840
    Plan D: Block Plan (seniors only) $1,275 $2,550
    Graduation Application Fee $120

    Check Course Catalog for any additional fees related to your specific program.