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Music Education Degree

Bachelor of Music Education (BME)

The Bachelor of Music Education degree prepares young men and women to become Christ-centered music educators in public and private schools. In addition to completing Crown College’s required credits in biblical studies, BME students receive comprehensive musical training that includes planning, conducting and evaluating lessons; developing and maintaining an effective learning environment; and guiding the academic and personal growth of students.

The BME is administered through the music department and the teacher education department. The rigorous academic program includes a full-semester internship, either abroad or in the U.S., during which students work alongside educators and worship leaders to develop their Christ-centered teaching skills while still in college.

Students gain professional experience through student teaching, church music practice, student ministries and recitals. The music department’s extensive performance opportunities range from recitals and musicals to positions in College Choir, Chamber Choir (both of which perform abroad biannually), Women’s Choir, Crown Brass, Crown Orchestra and Christmas in Crown Chapel.

Graduates obtain K-12 licensure in Minnesota in order to teach music professionally in public and private schools. Some graduates continue on to graduate school in music education, having gained a firm foundation in teaching music through their BME degree.

Students are required to take the MTLE Basic Skills tests on applying to the department. To apply for a full, first-time license, students need to pass the MTLE Basic Skills, Pedagogy and Content test.


At Crown College, well over 90% of our new graduates are employed or continuing their education in a master’s degree program.

The Office of Career Development at Crown is here to help you with your future career and can assist with resume development, career counseling, internships, and job placement. We encourage you to visit the office during your first year to begin planning your internship opportunities as well as developing a professional network.

Music Education Major (B.M.E.) Courses

Program Requirements

Christian Studies Core

I. Christian Studies - 24 Credits

General Education Core

II. General Education - 30 Credits

Major Core

Vocal Music Concentration - 9 Credits

Total - 138-149 Credits

1 Select humanities electives from COM, ENG, ESL, FAR, HIS, HUM, LAN, MUS, PHI, or PRC.

2 Select social science electives from ANT, CSJ, ECO, ESL, GEO, HIS, POL, PSY, or SOC.

3 Music Education majors must complete Music Hour every semester enrolled in the Music Department at Crown College except during student teaching. Their final semester, students take MUS 490  instead of MUS 090 .

4 Piano Lab: Students must take Piano Lab their first year for credit and then take private piano instruction for 1 or 0 credits until the piano proficiency has been met.

5 Students are required to enroll in private lessons on their major instrument each semester until their recital requirements are fulfilled. A minimum of six semesters of private lessons are required on their major instrument. Additional lesson credits may be earned on any instrument.

6 Students are required to participate in a major ensemble (as approved by the Music Dept.) relating to their major instrument for 7 semesters.

* Some courses from the Christian Studies Core and Major Core can be used to fulfill requirements in the General Education Core. By doing that the number of credits needed for graduation would be toward the lower end of the range of total credits.

^ Requires a minimum passing grade of a "C".

Music Education majors must demonstrate proficiency in guitar and recorder instruments and reach a proficiency level of at least 361 on their primary instrument.

Because of the high number of credits per semester in this major, students are encouraged to pursue summer classes and CLEP testing options before their senior year to complete their degree requirements.

Student teaching is eligible for a Christian Service unit.

This program is subject to change based on the Minnesota State Board of Teaching licensing revisions.

Suggested Program for the Music Education Major, Vocal Music Concentration K–12

Freshman Year

Fall Semester - 16 Credits

Spring Semester - 16 Credits

Take the MTLE: Basic Skills

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester - 19-20 Credits

Spring Semester - 17-19 Credits

Departmental Acceptance

Students apply for departmental acceptance during their sophomore year spring semester or their junior year fall semester. A minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA and completion of half of the Christian Service requirements are required for departmental admission in the Music Education major. Student must apply and be accepted into both the Teacher Education Department and Music Department.

Junior Year

Fall Semester - 16-17 Credits

Apply for admission to Student Teaching

Senior Year

Fall Semester - 18 Credits

Spring Semester - 16 Credits

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